The Legendary Hero Klahan Joins the Roster of Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Seven Knights Idle Klahan
A new hero arrives. Netmarble

A new update has been released for Seven Knights Idle Adventure welcomes the Legendary hero Klahan to the roster. When this melee type hero deals damage with his active skills, he increases the overall firepower of the party by buffing final Weakness attack damage to his melee allies. In addition, when he is able to land a Critical Hit, he obtains an Attack Increase buff. Finally, there's the Critical Hit Attack Damage increase when Klahan attacks a bleeding enemy.

This new update also introduces different challenges for players to take on and earn rewards. The Asura Challenger Pass for instance is now live and runs until April 17. This one give players the chance to earn none other than the Legendary hero Asura.

Other new content that arrived with the update includes the addition of stages 12,801 to 13,600. There's also a new Legendary costume for Sun Wukong. Players looking for a greater challenge can take on the new Special Dungeon Boss Sandworm until April 10.

There are also several other events which run through April 17. These are:

  • Alice's Dessert Shop
    • Enjoy a mini-game where players get to look for hidden treats over at Alice's Dessert Shop.
    • Players can use the Coins that they earn from the mini-game at the Shop.
  • Spring Cherry Blossom Check-In Event
    • Acquire the Spring Cherry Blossom Chest and the Legendary Hero Summon Ticket by logging into the game during the event period.
    • The Spring Cherry Blossom Chest contains different items that include the Toy Hammer, which can be used in Alice's Dessert Shop. There's also Dungeon Entry Tickets, Hero EXP, and Gold Coins.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is based on the Seven Knights game and can even be seen as a successor to the original title though it's been reimagined as an idle RPG. It was developed by focusing on low capacity and low specification devices but keeping in mind easy playability. Players get to experience an expanded storyline with previously untold episodes of the original Seven Knights heroes. Get to collect and nurture returning fan favorites who have been reborn as cute SD characters.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available on mobile platforms through Android and iOS.

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