Tiny Wars is Now an Official Mod in Arma Reforger

Prepare for a new kind of combat. Bohemia Interactive

What was initially released as an April Fool's Day prank is now an officially mod in Arma Reforger. Tiny Wars is now playable in the game through the Arma Reforger Workshop. Players can host their own servers or play on the three Official Tiny Wars servers that's being hosted by Bohemia Interactive until April 9.

What exactly happened? It appears that on April 1, the studio presented the mode as if it was available. However, when players looked for Tiny Wars they learned that it wasn't actually available anywhere. A lot of players saw this as a rather cruel April Fool's joke and expressed disappointment. The studio revealed that when looked at the comments sections and social media, players wanted it to be real.

As it turns out, this game mode was actually ready for released and it was officially made public on April 2.

What does Tiny Wars offer? It's basically a Capture & Hold game mode where green toy soldiers go against red toy soldiers. These two teams try to hold key points in a living room environment that's comes with a hand-drawn deployment map. There's a lot to love with this game mode that Arma Reforger veterans are sure to even appreciate. The weapons and gameplay mechanics for example are going to be familiar to many.

One interesting feature though is that there's going to be no fall damage. There's also going to be a number of launchpads where players get to vault and soar across the map. It's pretty much a fantasy world of play combat that's straight out of childhood dreams.

Key features of the mod are:

  • Micro Soldiers
    • Lead an army of bullet-sized warriors into battle.
  • Whimsical Environments
    • Get immersed in a larger-than-life landscape that brings the toy box to life.
  • No Choking Hazard
    • Enjoy all of the immersive warfare of years past with none of the pesky plastic danger

Learn more about Tiny Wars here.

Arma Reforger puts players in a genuine Cold War setting where they get to fight it out in the Conflict multiplayer game mode. They can also create their own scenarios in Game Master, which is a real-time editor where anything can happen.

Arma Reforger is available for the PC and the Xbox Series X/S.

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