Stranded Deep: Update Resolves Item Pile Issues; Now Live on PC

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Update for Stranded Deep has sailed and is now available for download on Steam. This patch doesn’t have any new content, but it does bring some much-needed bug fixes, particularly for certain issues with the item pile.

For those who don’t know, you can place crafting items of the same type in a pile to make things look more organized and streamlined. That said, some bugs concerning item piles are squashed in Update

The problem where the item pile's display name was not updating properly when adding the first item has been resolved. Besides that, the bug that prevented the item pile from updating correctly after it has been emptied is no longer an issue. You just have to download this patch right away.

While issues pertaining to the item pile’s display name are resolved, developer Beam Team Games still needs to iron out one particular problem. More specifically, the issue where you could not craft items using materials from multiple item piles demands a fix. Hopefully, this will be addressed soon.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed game room appearing “[Busy]” when the host is standing near a Boss.
  • Local co-op: Fixed both players not showing Boss UI when the other player initiates the fight alone.
  • Local co-op: Fixed game failing to take input from P1 after P2 uses a Shelter/Bed while P1 is using a Label Maker.
  • Fixed players being unable to remove meat from campfire when fuel depleted.
  • Fixed player falling from Palm Tree when climbing to the very top.
  • Epic: Fixed redundant notification of missed achievements on custom islands.
  • Fixed a desync issue when rapidly removing items from piles.
  • Fixed multiplayer session not joinable after using a Bed to save.
  • Fixed multiplayer session not joinable after failed sleep.
  • Fixed multiplayer session joinable during the sleeping sequence.
  • Changed multiplayer region to reset to "Best" when opening create session menu. Fixes issues if the player fails to connect to a specific region.
  • Fixed item pile display name not updating when the first item pushed.
  • Fixed item pile display name not updating when empty.
  • Fixed item pile display name sentence structure for foreign languages.

It is important to note that Update is still only available on the PC version of Stranded Deep. Those playing the game on consoles will have to wait until the company launches a similar patch for their systems.

Stranded Deep is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

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