Stranded Deep: Patch 0.90.04 Resolves Connectivity Issues

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Stranded Deep, a game about surviving on an island after a plane crash, has launched its online co-op play not long ago. The latest update focuses on improving the community-reported connectivity issues, mainly the disconnects and server desyncs.

Disconnects caused by joining games with mismatched versions and those that are already in progress have been patched up.

Server desyncs mean that the game client is out of sync with the servers. It can occur even when the client simply owns skinned meat and leather. This has been rectified in this update.

Patch 0.90.04 also implements crash fixes. For instance, the issue where the game would crash when destroying a raft base while you’re standing on it has been resolved.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game crash caused by player destroying a Raft Base while standing on it
  • Fixed disconnects caused by client joining games with mismatching game version
  • Fixed disconnects caused by client joining an in-progress game and receiving expired session messages
  • Fixed disconnects caused by stored items being visible for clients to pick up after joining an in-progress game. Picking up these items could cause a disconnect
  • Fixed game time desync while sleeping
  • Fixed new day event not being raised caused by a floating precision error in the sleeping sequence
  • Fixed desyncs caused by client owning skinned meat and leather
  • Fixed desyncs caused by players being able to pick up objects while being skinned
  • Fixed desyncs caused by host and client able to operate Gyrocopter simultaneously
  • Fixed clients getting stuck at Joining Session prompt while connecting to host’s session after reconnecting the internet at Join Game screen
  • Fixed active session failing to be visible to the client in Join Game window when the client force quits the game before host accepts the joining request
  • Fixed client unable to see host’s session when reconnecting the internet after disconnecting it on loading screen while proceeding into the gameplay
  • Fixed clients able to spam the host by sending multiple Connection Request when the host declines the request in the gameplay
  • Fixed client saves failing to load in Creative mode on re-joining sessions.
  • Fixed host and client able to use a single set of resources to craft the same item.
  • Fixed client’s dropped items being duplicated into the backpack on rejoining the same session again after exiting.
  • Fixed host unable to access Starting Crate or Wooden Crate when the client disconnects from the network while accessing the crate.
  • Fixed Not enough room in Inventory! notification and audio SFX when highlighting an item when backpack storage is full.
  • Fixed Smoker logic running twice resulting in faster smoking.

All of these fixes are only available on the PC version at this time. It may be introduced on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later on.

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