Stranded Deep: Update 2104 Now Available on Consoles; Introduces Item Pile Feature and More

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The PlayStation and Xbox versions of the survival game Stranded Deep received a new patch recently. Update 2104 introduced useful features from the PC version, including item piles and improved inventory mechanics.

Players can now place crafting items into piles in Update 2104. To create a pile, players must have at least two of the same item in their inventory, with one of them being held by hand. Then, they must press the button for the Quick Craft menu where they will see an item with a small blue icon on it. This indicates that the particular item can be placed inside a pile.

The inventory system in the console versions of Stranded Deep has also been improved in this patch. Now, the items being held by hand are displayed in the first inventory slot to avoid confusion. Furthermore, the slot directly to the left of it is reserved for inventory actions, such as empty hands or moving between storage.

That’s not all! The capacity of the inventory and other containers has been raised by the developers to 12 and 5 slots, respectively.

Patch Notes

  • Changed inventory to display the item the player is holding in slot 1.
  • Increased inventory storage from 10 to 12 slots.
  • Increased crate storage from 3 to 5 slots.
  • Added max raft size limitation: 5W x 4L.
  • Added billboards to raft pieces.
  • Changed placing to snap to terrain objects.
  • Changed placing to snap on foundations.
  • Fixed players unable to host games in the “USA, East” region.
  • Fixed player unable to jump while holding Wollie.
  • Fixed “Seafarer” achievement not unlocking.
  • Fixed game loading errors for players using a non-Gregorian calendar, eg: Arabic, Thai.
  • Fixed player falling from Palm Tree when climbing to the top.
  • Fixed game session showing as “Busy” if host is near a boss.
  • Fixed loss of input when switching to another item immediately after firing a projectile.
  • Fixed multiple issues when using Spyglass.
  • Fixed “Call Me Ahab” achievement not unlocking.
  • Fixed P1 stuck in fire lighting animation if P2 destroys Camp Fire during lighting.
  • Fixed rafts moving in random directions when operating a raft motor.
  • Fixed game getting stuck in Cartographer when reconnecting controller.
  • Fixed player colliding with raft sails.
  • Fixed host and client being able to drag the same “Palm Tree”
  • Fixed “Two of Each” achievement not unlocking.
  • Fixed consecutive achievements not unlocking.
  • Fixed high detail LOD always enabled for some objects.
  • Fixed spoiled fruit/veg stuck in containers.
  • Fixed Snake attack animation not playing for client.
  • Fixed P1 able to sleep while P2 operating vehicle.
  • Fixed Shipwreck ladders missing localization.
  • Fixed animals not dither fading out when skinned.
  • Fixed unnecessary notifications showing when loading the game.
  • Fixed food "Smoked," "Cooked," and "Spoiled" display name prefixes stacking.
  • Fixed crafting using multiple of one material
  • Fixed scenarios for host and client crafting with the same materials
  • Fixed ability to place craftable items inside terrain objects.
  • Fixed glitchy Foundation placing check.
  • Fixed storage playing push audio when loading a zone.
  • Various consolidation and changes to improve stability.

Stranded Deep Update 2104 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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