Stellaris MODJAM2022 Update 2: The Launching of Mod Jam

Interesting things coming soon.
Interesting things coming soon. Paradox Interactive

After quite some time, we finally got a bit of news for the Mod Jam mod of Stellaris. For those who can remember, it was in 2020 when we last heard about this feature.

In a post, Paradox Interactive revealed that there were challenges faced with Mod Jam. Since the game is typically updated every three months, it became a bit difficult to reconcile the evolving gameplay with the content made by modders.

In light of many challenges, the development team decided to switch tacks. Rather than coming out with a complete mod that had multiple mid-game crises, modders would now be able to publish their crises as individual Steam workshop items. There will be a launcher where everyone has the option to turn on or turn off specific crises. Players can also look forward to a mod collection where they can click that "Subscribe to all" button with a launcher playlist available to download and load into their launcher.

With these changes, modders should be able to:

  • Get Steam points and rewards for their contributions.
    • This may be a minor thing but having Steam points and getting a “You have x awards this week!” email is a good motivation to let them continue making mods.
  • Modders get to maintain creative vision over their mods.
    • They can continue to develop them, should they choose to do so.
    • This setup allows modders keep developing and iterating their mods and realize their full vision.
  • Each crisis works as its own standalone mod.
    • Players can run each crisis by itself and play through the new content.

Mod Jam is scheduled to be released on January 10.

In Stellaris, players can explore, discover, and interact with different species in their journey among the stars. They get to forge a galactic empire by sending out science ships to survey and explore while commanding construction ships to build stations around newly discovered planets. There are also buried treasures to discover with galactic wonders allowing players to spin a direction for their society.

Stellaris is available on PC and currently being offered at 75% on Steam until January 6.

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