Stellaris: New Toxoids Species Pack Released Worldwide

They're here.
They're here. Paradox Interactive

The Toxoids Species pack for Stellaris is finally here! It adds a lot of new content like new origins, new civics, and new cosmetic options. The main theme of this new species pack is obtaining rapid gains at the cost of environmental and personal sacrifices.

For those wondering, the Toxoids are considered the most stubborn and hardiest species in the history of Stellaris. This species can grow and adapt faster compared to other creatures. The problem is that they tend to make life unpleasant not only for themselves but also their neighbors.

Features of the new Toxoids Species pack include:

  • New Origins
    • Knights of the Toxic God
      • There are rumors that a true power is buried under all the toxic sludge.
      • Do you have the courage to dig up the secrets of your past and unleash them on the galaxy?
    • Overtuned
      • They say that the candle that burns the brightest can burn itself into the galaxy’s memory.
      • Play as a species which can gain more and more traits but at the cost of its own lifespan.
  • New Civics
    • Toxic Baths
      • Grow the population fast with a fresh infusion of mutagenic sludge.
    • Scavengers
      • One empire’s trash is another empire’s treasure.
      • Harvest those debris for quick construction projects.
    • Relentless Industrialists
      • To keep up with demand, it may be necessary to ignore all of those petty regulations and negative opinions.
  • ​New Traits
    • Incubator
      • Repopulate quickly when the planet is empty.
      • Just remember that those growth facilities can fill up fast.
    • Inorganic Breath
      • Your own people can be a source of valuable exotic gasses.
    • Noxious
      • It looks like other species can’t stand being around you and that your mere existence is making your planets awful places to live.
      • On the other hand, it’s going to be difficult for other empires to fight or subjugate you.
    • ​Exotic Metabolism
      • Where other species would be calling the hazmat team, you’ve reached a point where you can ask “are you going to eat that?”
  • New Cosmetics
    • Enjoy new species portraits, ship models, and cityscapes.
  • New Advisor
    • Grow your empire alongside a relentless source of noxious sarcasm.

In addition to a new species pack, there’s also a free update that introduces various quality-of-life features and improvements. Read more about that here. Stellaris is available on PC.

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