Stellaris: Console Edition Releasing Nemesis Expansion on May 3

Save the galaxy or destroy it?
Save the galaxy or destroy it? Paradox Interactive

The new Nemesis expansion is coming to Stellaris: Console Edition on May 3. Once it goes live, players get to rule their empire through various means like using menace, subterfuge, or diplomacy. The highlight is the addition of espionage mechanics, where players can choose to be the Galactic Custodian and fight the endgame crises or decide to be the Menace and become the endgame crisis.

The Nemesis expansion introduces new ships based on some of the most imposing empires in science fiction.

Knowledge is Power

The espionage mechanic is proof that knowledge is indeed power. Players can use new tools to spy on enemies or even friends. Through this new tool, Envoys can be deployed to lead Covert Operations and provide counterintelligence behind enemy lines. Make use of lies and deceit to throw enemies off while learning more about their deepest secrets. There are also smear campaigns that ensure allies turn against each other.

As players' Infiltration Level grows, they can unlock new operations including Sabotage Starbase, Acquire Assets, and Steal Tech.

Two Routes to Take

As mentioned, there are two options that players can take. On one hand, players can campaign for the Galactic Community and have them declared as the Galactic Custodian. This gives them the needed emergency power to fight the Crisis. Once the Crisis is defeated, players can then choose to give up this power or retain them to establish a new Galactic Imperium.

The other route is to become the Crisis. Players can become the fire that spreads across the galaxy and threaten its very existence. As their empire grows, they can unlock powerful bonuses to finish galactic stalemates on their own terms.

While the upcoming release of the new expansion is indeed exciting, two other DLCs are launching after Nemesis. The Aquatic Species Pack is coming out in the next few months and then after that, it’s the Overlord expansion.

New Update

A free update is set to be released on the same day that the Nemesis goes live. It's the equivalent of Update 3.0.3 on PC and it brings the console edition to the next generation of Stellaris.

This upcoming update introduces new Industrial Districts and new Fog of War and Intel mechanics. Expect to see the reworked First Contact. Of course, there are quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes.

The Aquatics Species Pack and Overlord will also launch alongside free updates, which come with new content, new stuff for older DLC, and more fixes.

Stellaris: Console Edition is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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