Star Trek Online Invites You to Q’s Winter Wonderland

Look who's bringing back the fun.
Look who's bringing back the fun. Perfect World

The seasonal favorite of most Captains is making a return to Star Trek Online. None other than Q is inviting everyone to his Winter Wonderland for some fun and of course, prizes. This year the top prize is a Tier 6 Starship.

This year’s celebration is going to be like the one last year. Meaning, it’s integrated with the recently released Event Interface, which is part of the Mission Journal. Like last year as well, players can work on their Daily Progress by participating in any of these activities:

  • Fastest Game on Ice
  • Klingon Ice Fishing
  • Tides of Ice
  • The Fast and the Flurrious
  • Cones of Conduct
  • The Kramp’Ihri

New Ground Set

For this year, players can use their collection of winter ornaments to unlock a brand new ground set, which is based on the mysterious Breen. There are four items in this set which are:

  • Breen Cryoshaper Armor [HP] [Mob] [ResEn] ∞
    • Active: Ablative Ice Shield
      • Generates a shield of ablative ice, providing temporary Health that grows each time the wielder deals Cold damage, with the extra Health based on Cold damage dealt.
    • Passive:
      • Massive Control Resist
      • Very high fire and cold resist
      • Solid energy resist, light phys/kinetic resist
  • Breen Cryoshaper Personal Shield [Reg]x3 ∞
    • When the shield is broken, deals a Polar Blast to whatever broke it.
  • Breen Cryoshaper Universal Kit Frame
    • +Kit Performance
    • +Cold Damage
    • Using a Cold Kit Module deals a Polar Blast to the primary target.
  • Breen Cryoshaper Thermal Depletion Pistol [CrtH] [Dmg]x2 ∞
    • Deals Cold Damage
    • Secondary fire: a Polar Blast to three targets in a cone

Captains able to equip any of the items at one time unlock a set bonus that includes:

  • 2 Pieces
    • +50% Temp Health gained from Cryobarrier.
    • Polar Blasts slow Foes and gain a 10% chance per Foe hit to spawn another Polar Blast.
  • 3 Pieces
    • Dealing Cold Damage to an enemy debuffs its Cold Damage Resistance Rating.
  • 4 Pieces
    • Cryoshaper Weapon primary attack gains 100% weapon firing cycle speed.

Vanity Pets

The holidays often mean the cold but two new vanity pets could help everyone warm up. The Warnog Rescue Targ, for example, carries enough Warnog that can fill a Klingon army.

Read more about what’s happening in the holidays here.

Star Trek Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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