Check Out the New "In Command" Choice Pack in Star Trek Online

Enjoy a new pack.
Enjoy a new pack. Perfect World

Star Trek Online is offering everyone the chance to grab the In Command Choice Pack, which is from the Kelvin Timeline. It’s going to be available beginning November 24 and priced at 29,500 Zen. That’s not all since this pack is being offered at 50% from November 24 to December 8.

The In Command Choice Pack has Captains choose any three of these options:

  • Section 31 Command Heavy Battlecruiser
  • Son'a Command Heavy Science Vessel
  • Elachi Sheshar Command Dreadnought Cruiser
  • Voth Rampart Command Flight Deck Carrier
  • 2x T6 Ship Coupons
  • 300 Lobi Crystals
  • 6x Captain Elite Upgrade Tokens
  • 10x Gold Tech Upgrades

By the way, it’s also possible to choose multiples of the same item provided it’s not a ship. That means, players can choose three of the four ships but they can’t get two of the battlecruisers.

For those who are not sure what to choose, there’s the option to get Mudd's MEGA In Command Bundle. This one-stop purchase allows players to get all eight items in the pack. It’s also launching on November 24 available for 60,000 Zen. Like the In Command Choice Pack, this bundle is also being offered at 50% off from November 24 to December 8.

During the same period, everything else at Mudd's Market is being sold at a 75% discount.

Join the Battle

Right now, those on the PC can enjoy the ongoing “The Battle for Qo'noS” event. This is the final event of the third installment of that game’s multi-event system known as an Event Campaign. It has multiple TFOs that were previously featured individually in a combined Featured Event.

Those brave enough to take on the challenge have the chance to get the Console - Universal - Aakar's Vengeance. As the final event of Event Campaign 3, it’s going to be the last chance to progress to the free Tier 6 Infinity Promotion or Infinity Lock Box ship. Learn more about it here.

Star Trek Online is an MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is the first MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe.

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