The United Earth Defense Force Vessel is Coming to Star Trek Online

A new ship arriving soon.
A new ship arriving soon. Perfect World

Star Trek Online announced that a new Starship is joining the Infinity Lock Box. It’s the United Earth Defense Force Vessel (T6) joining on November 16. This defender was first seen in Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery. Right now, it’s limited to the PC version.

For those not familiar with the lore, it was sometime in the 32nd century when Earth made the decision to leave the Federation as a result of The Burn. A lot of things were left behind and one of these is the UEDF Vessel. This particular ship is focused on offering shield resilience and durability while retaining defensive weapons. Since this is the only ship class that’s part of the UEDF fleet, it remains versatile enough to be used for different purposes.

Console – Universal – Mobile Defense Net

When it comes to shielding technology, there’s no question that UEDF is at the top. The Mobile Defense Net more than establishes itself as worthy of inheriting that reputation. With this, the ship can generate a large area of protection not only for players but even their allies, centered a short distance behind your vessel. This area moves with the ship which is good news. The downside is that it inhibits the ship to maneuver at full effectiveness. Should there be a need to focus on maneuverability, the Mobile Defense Net can be deactivated prematurely.

By the way, ships within the protective field also get multiple shield-based benefits like improved resistance to damage, automated redistribution, and periodic regeneration. It also gives a passive bonus to Max and Current Shield Subsystem Power, and Maximum Shield Capacity. It can be used on any starship and any console slot.

Starship Trait – Proximity Alert

When this Trait is slotted, activating any Bridge Officer abilities, which restore shields to the player or an ally, also briefly apply an effect that automatically redistributes the target's shields, provides shield hardness, and renders shields immune to drain effects. The effect can’t be reapplied to a target until it has worn off.

To Target (Self or Ally) for three seconds, when activating Bridge Officer Shield Heal:

  • Automatically Redistribute Shield Facings
  • +20% Shield Hardness
  • Immune to Shield Drains

Star Trek Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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