Star Trek Online Console Players Can Now Experience Reflections

Good news console players.
Good news console players. Perfect World

The Star Trek Online Reflection update has finally arrived on PlayStation and Xbox. With this, console players now have the chance to help Admiral Leeta from the Mirror Universe and see if they have what it takes to go against the Terran Empire.

Reflections was actually released on PC back in September. The adventure starts after players meet with none other than Admiral Leeta. Leeta has traveled from the Mirror Universe to warn the Federation of a threat that could end life not only in her universe but even in the Prime Universe. Despite being an enemy in the past, players have no choice but to team up with Leeta to save universes.

New Features

Features of this new content include:

  • New Featured Episode
    • The newest episode “Firewall” has players visit a high-security Federation facility where they need to speak with Admiral Leeta.
    • After that, they must team up on a mission to protect the Prime Universe from Kuumarke and her Terran forces.
  • New Task Force Operation
    • The arrival of Reflections means that Captains have access to a new five-player ground Task Force Operation called “Operation Wolf.”
    • Players can participate in a Holodeck program created by Mirror Leeta where they can train how to infiltrate Mirror ESD to steal classified information.
  • Reflections Special Event
    • Over the next month, Captains can join in different episodes and TFOs associated with Mirror Universe to earn a very special reward - the T6 Mirror Gagarin-class Miracle Worker Battlecruiser.
  • New Lower DecksContent
    • Captains can visit the Lobi Store to check out new weapons and uniforms from the popular animated Star Trek series, Lower Decks.
  • Captain Elite Training Token
    • Players can apply the new Captain Elite Training Token to increase:
      • 1 Additional Personal Ground Trait Slot
      • 1 Additional Personal Space Trait Slot
      • 1 Additional Kit Module Slot
      • 1 Additional Device Slot

Special Giveaway

As part of the release of Reflections, players can get a free pack of Mirror Gear, which includes:

  • Discovery Era Terran Empire Uniform
  • Terran Empire Odyssey Uniform
  • 1 Terran Empire Sonic Phaser High Density Beam Rifle
  • 1 Terran Empire Sonic Phaser Stun Pistol
  • 1 Mirror Universe Agony Rifle
  • 1 Duel Ambush Turrets Kit Module
  • 1 Small XP Boost

This special giveaway is only available until November 23.

Star Trek Online is an MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is the first MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe.

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