Star Trek Online to Feature Steamrunner Class in Upcoming Ship of the Line Bundle

A new ship is arriving soon.
A new ship is arriving soon. Perfect World

Star Trek Online is set to release a new Ship of the Line Bundle which will feature the Steamrunner Class. It’s available starting October 1 and is priced at 5,000 Zen. By the way, from the time the bundle is officially launched, it will be offered at a 35% discount until October 8. But this bundle is only available for the PC version.

The Ships of the Line: Blockade Runner Bundle appears in the Zen Store as “Blockade Runner Bundle.” It will feature these contents:

  • 1 Ship Upgrade Token (T5-U)
  • 2 Experimental Ship Upgrade Tokens
  • T1 Blockade Runner Escort
  • T5 Blockade Runner Escort Retrofit
  • T6 Appalachia Blockade Runner Escort (New)

For those who just want the T6 Appalachia, it’s available as a separate purchase in the Zen Store. Meanwhile, those who already have the T5 Steamrunner may notice that its in-game appearance has been updated.

Here are some features that players can look forward to:

  • Console – Universal – Tricobalt Tear Launcher
    • This console allows the starship equipped to fire a barrage of high yield tricobalt warheads at a distant target. Once the target is reached, the warheads detonate and cause damage to any starship caught in the blast. In addition, the detonations cause a large subspace tear to appear and damage and disable nearby enemy starships.
    • This console also gives the starship a passive boost to Shield Penetration and Projectile Weapon Damage.
  • Experimental Weapon: Hull Spike Battery
    • This weapon was designed to deal damage to an enemy starship’s hull. The weapon bypasses the shield entirely and then drills directly through the armor and into the starship’s vulnerable parts.
  • Starship Trait: Piercing Projectiles
    • While this trait is slotted, enabling a Torpedo or Mine firing mode Bridge Officer ability gives a large Shield Penetration and Hull Penetration bonus for a short time. When activating the Torpedo or Mine Firing Modes, the starship get these bonuses for 15 seconds:
      • +200 Starship Hull Penetration Skill
      • +200 Starship Shield Penetration Skill

Read about the new bundle and new starship here.

Star Trek Online is an MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe. It’s available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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