SoulCalibur 6 Makes Adjustments To Battle Mechanics And Setsuka With Update Version 2.25

Some interesting changes.
Some interesting changes. Bandai Namco

SoulCalibur 6 released Update Version 2.25 which introduces and adjusts battle mechanics. There have also been some adjustments made to Setsuka. Players should be happy to know as well that the Jack-O’-Lantern equipment is now available to everyone.

Setsuka Changes

For those who’ve tried this character, it should be clear that Setsuka is a technical fighter. She gets significant combo damage, as well as soul gauge, through more difficult inputs. However, her soul gauge fills at a slower rate. What this means is that the more skill a player has, the more the dedicated practice comes into play.

For this new patch, some of Setsuka's unintended behaviors have been adjusted. For example, with certain attacks, the opponent now faces forward when guarding the attack from behind. There are also balance adjustments made to the lethal hits in order to address cases wherein the combo damage or soul gauge gain were higher than intended. Overall, some of Setsuka’s attacks have been nerfed.

Battle Mechanics

Patch 2.25 makes adjustments to behavior that hindered intentional mind games. These include adjusting hitboxes for vertical attacks that were difficult to evade with an eight-way run. Soul Charge in particular made these changes:

  • Shortened the duration of the shockwave generated when entering soul charge by three frames.
    • This change also applies to Haohmaru's Rage Explosion.
  • Changed the opponent's behavior when hit by the shockwave, making it possible to guard.
    • This change was made to prevent certain attacks from landing in succession after hitting the opponent with the shockwave.

There are also other miscellaneous changes introduced with the new patch which include:

  • Casual Match mode has been updated so that "WAITING" does not become "READY" until players and spectators return to the lobby.
    • This adjustment was made to reduce cases in which some spectators could not join the next match.
    • This change does not apply to matches interrupted due to network errors or lost connections.
  • An issue was fixed in which the color marker shown when changing the color of the Yasha Undergarment in Character Creation mode was different from the actual color of the item.
  • An issue was fixed in which equipping Asuka's Shirt, Asuka's Gloves, and Tiger Lily Stockings on certain characters in Character Creation mode would result in an unexpected facial expression.

You can view the complete changes that came with Update Version 2.25 here.

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