SoulCalibur 6's Updated 2.00 Patch Notes Reveal New Game Mechanics

New mechanics added.
New mechanics added. Bandai Namco

SoulCalibur 6 has released updated patch notes for Ver 2.00. Specifically, it makes text corrections to the update first released back on November 20. Players should find the updated Battle Adjustment Details interesting, particularly as it relates to changes in the game mechanics.

Speaking of game mechanics, new ones have been added while some are changed. The first new mechanic added is the Soul Attack. This special attack shifts your fighter into a Soul Charged state while attacking the opponent. This mechanic was added as a way to counter Soul charging. As a reminded, Soul charging generates a shockwave which knocks the opponent back and makes it hard to follow up with powered up attacks. As such, Soul Attacks give players a way to utilize Soul Charged techniques to keep up their offense. To trigger the attack, all players need is one full soul gauge bar.

Depending on the fighting style, some of the Soul Attacks allow your fighters to perform follow-ups or shift to special stances, though extra command may be needed. Compared to Soul Charge, Soul Attacks don't give your fighters immediate invincibility, so it shouldn't be used as a defensive option. Finally, as a general rule, Soul Attacks can't be performed if the fighter is already in a Soul Charged state.

Another new mechanic is Resist Impact. With Resist Impact, you can now repel Break Attacks and even Unblockable Attacks. To trigger this, all that's needed is half of a soul gauge bar. Fighters who manage to successfully repel an attack with a Resist Impact get to restore a great deal of their guard stamina. This move is a good way to get out of danger just before a guard crush.

In addition to the two new game mechanics, three new mechanics have been changed. The first is the improvements done to Reversal Edge. This change was made in order to improve the pace of matches. Prior to this change, the conditions "holding the attack button for the maximum duration" and "immediately after successfully parrying the opponent's attack" would allow players to shift to a Reversal Edge clash upon hit or guard. With this update, the shift now only happens upon hit. While this means that a shift won't happen from a guard, the soul gauge gets to increase a great deal. In addition, the amount the soul gauge is increased has been boosted for when the attack lands against an opponent that is unable to shift to a clash.

That's not all, as Reversal Edges now allow guard crush instead. When guarded, the Reversal Edges are now able to deal chip damage and the amount the soul gauge is increased when parrying the opponent's attack has been boosted.

Another mechanic change is for Grapple Breaks. In particular, two changes were made to allow for more offensive options after a grapple break:

  • The soul gauge increases for the attacker even if the opponent performs a grapple break.
  • Fighters still receive some damage when successfully performing a grapple break.
    • This damage never causes a K.O., meaning health never drops below zero from a grapple break.

However these don't apply to grapple breaks performed against these throws:

  • Seong Mi-na
    • Opening Treasure
    • Holding Treasure
  • Kilik
    • Trick Bo
    • Dirty Bo
  • Sophitia
    • 2nd attack of Heaven To Hell
  • Talim
    • 2nd attack of Monsoon Season
  • Cassandra
    • Cyclops Hammer
    • Cyclops Drop
  • Yoshimitsu
    • Soul Siphon
    • Soul Possession

Lastly, a change was made in relation to vulnerability during a step. What this means is that taking a step back or to the side temporarily puts your fighter in a vulnerable state. This means your fighter cannot guard and continues to remain vulnerable even if the fighter changes direction to take a step forward. Fighters can guard again after a fixed amount of time has passed. It should be noted that changing direction to take a step forward still can't be run countered.

You can view more of the updates here.

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