Haohmaru Slashes His Way To Soulcalibur 6 In Update 2.10

A new fighter is here.
A new fighter is here. Bandai Namco

There’s a new fighter joining to the roster of Soulcalibur 6 and for some players it’s going to be nostalgic. Who is it? It’s none other than Haohmaru. Yes, it’s the same character from the Samurai Shodown franchise.

Haohmaru is arriving to Soulcalibur 6 as a guest fighter as a part of Soulcalibur's Season Pass. Despite being in a new game, this master swordsman brings with him his iconic fighting style that is all too familiar, especially for those familiar with the Samurai Shodown series. So expect to see him with his Max Rage, Power Slash, and even Rage Explosion. When he is Soul Charged, he is able to release a projectile, one of the few players to do so in the game.

Haohmaru has three Critical Edge attacks. The first is Judgment Blast Slash where he releases a series of five Kogetsu Zan slashes and then ends it with a powerful Kogetsu Zan. Then there is Flame of the Conqueror where he delivers a strong slash that knocks his opponent down. Finally there is Lightning Edge where Haohmaru performs a lightning fast slash.

Haohmaru is now available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Update Ver. 2.10

Haohmaru arrives to game along with the latest update ver. 2.10. Additions include these weapons and equipment being made available to all players:

  • Weapons
    • Official's Flags (Short)
      • Only available for Taki and Taki's fighting style
    • Official's Flags (Long)
      • Only available for Cervantes and Cervantes's fighting style
  • Equipment
    • Kuroko's Hood
    • Kuroko's Flags
    • Fish
    • Long Boots (Single Leg)
    • Long Boots

With a new fighter arriving, there’s also going to be a new stage and this is the Master Swordsman’s Cave: Wicked Depths. The update also fixed issues that players where encountering in the City Ruins: Eternal Apocalypse and Grand Labyrinth – Sealed Corridor stages.

There’s going to be some adjustments to the Battle System as well, and these include:

  • Players can now use special inputs when entering Soul Charge to destroy equipment on original characters.
  • Improvements have been made to the battle screen display.
  • Special displays have been added to the battle screen for character-specific actions.
  • Missions for Soul Attacks and Resist Impact have been added to Battle Tutorials in Libra of Soul.
    • They can be found in Drona's Dojo in Libra of Soul.
  • Performance fixes and balance adjustments have been made for certain actions in battle.
  • The "Fighting Style Handbook" in the MUSEUM has been updated to reflect various balance adjustments.

You can read more about the latest update here.

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