Sniper Elite 5: Death from Above DLC Now Available with New Weapon and Cosmetics

Death from Above DLC
Death from Above DLC Steam

The latest content pack for Sniper Elite 5 called Death from Above is now available for those who have Season Pass Two. It can also be purchased separately for $9.99.

Sniper Elite 5: Death from Above contains a lot of goodies. The new Pedersen Rifle is a weapon with slightly lower damage than Gewehr 1943 but it is a good alternative because of its amazing stability. Snipers can make good use of this relatively accurate gun, particularly in mid-range encounters. The problem with the Pedersen rifle is it can only be fitted with iron sights, which means it is not the best option when taking out enemies at great distances.

Death from Above DLC New Weapon: Pedersen Rifle
Death from Above DLC New Weapon: Pedersen Rifle Steam

Included in the Death from Above DLC is the British Dazzle weapon skin for all firearms in Sniper Elite 5. This content pack pays homage to the dazzle camouflage design used on British tanks during desert campaigns.

British Dazzle Weapon Skin
British Dazzle Weapon Skin Steam

And lastly, this DLC contains new character skins for Karl and Monica as well. Karl can wear the British Bomber Skin for that distinct aviator look. On the other hand, Monica can wear the Air Auxiliary skin with pride because this was inspired by the uniforms worn by the women’s air corps.

British Bomber Skin (Karl)
British Bomber Skin (Karl) Steam
Air Auxiliary Skin (Monica)
Air Auxiliary Skin (Monica) Steam

Aside from the paid DLC, the developers launched a new update for everyone This patch is highlighted by the new “No-Cross” map called the Dam.


  • Trench Gun
    • Shell Loops Attachment can now be unlocked as expected. Players who have already met the unlock requirements will only need to get one more kill to trigger the unlock.
  • Wolf Mountain
    • Hitler and his car now appear as expected.
    • Depot: Player is now able to vault over low walls next to the road before the tunnel.
  • Rough Landing
    • Player is not longer able to get stuck under boxes while prone.
    • Player is no longer able to go behind the collision barrier.
    • Railyard: Camera no longer shakes and player no longer stands on invisible collision.
    • Railyard: Transparent texture seam no longer present in wall.
  • Following Community feedback, the Mosin-Nagant's muzzle velocity has been increased from 800 m/s to 860 m/s, the damage increased from 130 HP to 140 HP and the spread accuracy increased from 48cm to 52 cm.
  • The M40 attachment is now included as an attachment for the Mosin-Nagant.
  • Trench Warfare
    • Carl Gustav M45: Audio now present when reloading the Carl Gustav M45.
    • Trench Gun: Bayonet attachment now works properly when equipped.
    • The appropriate holding animation of Carl Gustav m/1945 is now observed while walking in ADS view during gameplay.
  • Player character hand is no longer deformed after taking aim in shoulder view with the Sjogren Inertia shotgun.
  • The crawling animation now works as expected when aiming with a Panzerfaust and moving in prone position.
  • Schu mines now explode upon shooting at them while the timer is running.

Sniper Elite 5 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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