Sniper Elite 5: Players Get a Free Content Pack in Latest Update

Sniper Elite 5
Sniper Elite 5 Rebellion Developments

Players are getting some cool free content in the latest update for Sniper Elite 5. The Airborne Elite Pack contains things that pay tribute to the Rebellion’s British heritage.

The free DLC contains three unique goodies that players will surely love. The first is the Lee No. 4 Rifle, a weapon best known for its amazing stability and accuracy. Its 10-round magazine ensures that players who tend to miss a lot will have enough bullets to take down the enemy before reloading.

The second enables players to turn themselves into a British Paratrooper. The Parachute Regiment Character Skin is complete with green fatigue and a red beret - a suitable outfit for someone prepared to fire that sniper rifle and eliminate enemies from a distance.

Rounding out the free DLC is the Union Jack - a weapon skin that wraps the Welrod Pistol with the distinct colors of the British military.

The latest update for Sniper Elite 5 brings the new Conqueror mission as well, based on the Battle for the Falaise Pocket, which is an important event that took place in World War II. Conqueror is the final DLC mission for Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass One.

Bug Fixes
  • Player model no longer freezes when going from Sprint to "Drop Body" while carrying AI ragdoll.
  • The issue stopping some players from being able to change weapons after picking up multiple dead bodies has now been resolved.
  • Multiplayer: lobby no longer fails to load clients into the game and will no longer return players to the lobby unexpectedly.
  • Multiplayer: Kraken’s Lair/Sub Pen: Player is now not able to get out of bounds by going prone at tip of the submarine.
  • When joining games between Xbox Platforms and PS5, players no longer receive "The connection to the game timed out (12011)" error.
  • Axis Invasion: Game no longer fails to take input when the rematch request from axis sniper gets timed out on the result screen.
  • Survival - Amongst the Rubble: Body Drop Animation is no longer skipped when triggered while in motion.
  • PS4: Placeholder white boxes are now not seen on the mission select screens if the title is launched after just the initial chunk is installed.
  • Spy Academy - Main Church: It is now not possible for a player to drop through the floor and into the room with the Kill Target when hanging next to the stairs in the attic.
  • War Factory: Start and Entry Route - Player character no longer gets stuck in a hanging position after jumping from the wooden platform and grabbing the wooden beam located in that area.
  • Wolf Mountain: Missing bolt cutters are now available.
  • DLC: Up Close and Personal pack - The Up close and personal DLC pack is now present in the store as expected.

Sniper Elite 5 November 28 Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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