Sniper Elite 5: New Free Multiplayer Map Brings You to Kraken's Lair

Sniper Elite 5: New Free Multiplayer Map Brings You to Kraken's Lair
More multiplayer fun.
More multiplayer fun. Rebellion

A new free multiplayer map is now live in Sniper Elite 5. Called Kraken’s Lair, it brings players back to the Nazi submarine pen from the game’s campaign. The decks and corridors of the submarines are a good option for those who excel in close combat. Meanwhile, the overhead walkways are excellent vantage points for sniping.

New Pack

In addition to the new map, players can also get their hands on the Up Close and Personal Weapon and Skin Pack. It introduces two new high-powered weapons and a new "Tank Top" look for Karl and Monika. Check the details below:

  • Win & Co 1885 – Weapon Pack (Rifle + Attachments)
    • A heavy-hitting rifle with a restricted rate of fire.
    • However, it houses an enormous .50 caliber 50-110 round, which is sure to eliminate any enemy with a single shot.
  • ERMA.36 – Weapon Pack (Submachine Gun + Attachments)
    • Features an integrated suppressor and high muzzle velocity.
    • It may be heavy but it's a powerful stealth SMG.
  • Tank Top - Character Skin (Karl and Monika variants)

The Up Close and Personal Weapon and Skin Pack can be purchased for $10.99. It’s also part of Season Pass One, priced at $34.99. Season Pass One comes with the Landing Force and Concealed Target packs, both of which have been released. There’s one more drop coming soon and it includes a new mission.

New Patch

In addition to the new content, players can also look forward to the new update, which solves some critical issues. One of the fixes focuses on the Thousand Meter Stare Medal that can now be unlocked as expected. This achievement now unlocks correctly once the player hits the 1,000m target in the Shooting Range.

Some other issues resolved include:

  • Players are now able to join a Host via the in-game friends list.
  • Festung Guernsey - Mirus Construction
    • Player character no longer falls out of bounds after jumping over a wall present near the construction site.
  • ​Trident Beachhead - Beach Ruins
    • Black texture can no longer be seen near the Tank.
  • ​Free-For-All - Restart button is no longer grayed out on the accomplishments screen.

Check out the patch notes for the new update here. Sniper Elite 5 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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