The Sims Spark’d Episode 4 Recap: Who Went Home With The $100,000?

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The finale is here.
The finale is here. Buzzfeed Multiplayer

After an exciting three episodes of challenges, The Sims Spark’d entered the finale with Team Cowplant going against Team Llama for the top prize of $100,000. It had been an exciting competition so far, but things have to end and a champion has to be crowned. We reveal the winner at the end of this recap, but for now, who do you think it is?

As a look back into what has happened so far, Episode 1 had Team Gnome start the competition strong by winning both the skill challenge and the elimination challenge. This resulted in Team Freezer Bunny becoming the first team eliminated. However, everyone was in for a surprise in Episode 2 with Cowplant getting the win for the skill challenge and later on Llama managing to beat the other two in the elimination challenge. As a result, it was Gnome that was eliminated next.

With two teams left, Episode 3 was a little different and was entirely about the skill challenge. This time around team members were to go one-on-one against the other squad. There was also the surprise of Cowplant’s storyteller, Steph0Sims, leaving the show and being replaced by Gnome’s The English Simmer. Llama managed to get a 5-4 win against Cowplant to get a 15-minute advantage in the final challenge, which was revealed to be called Play with Life.

As an introduction to the final challenge, the two teams were told that the competition was going require demonstrating the relationship each member had with The Sims. They needed to find a common thread that was going to drive the challenge in order to come up with three Sims, a Build, and a Video Story. The results were as exciting as they were emotional.

For Llama, they focused on xMiraMira’s experiences, particularly as a female gamer who faced bullying. The other two member agreed that they pretty much experienced the same thing. Cowplant also went with something similar and focused on childhood experiences. For them, the story was all about being able to show one’s true self.

After the presentation, it was clear the judges were having a tough time making the final decision. Judge Dave Miotke, for example, said that both teams have managed to grow compared to how they were when everything started. For Judge Kelsey Impicciche, while there were some flaws, both teams managed to tell a good story. Finally, Judge Tayla Parx said that both stories were valid as well as relatable.

However, there can only be one winner and in the end the judges chose Team Llama. With that, XMiraMira, SimLicy, and DrGluon, get to take home $100,000.

So did you enjoy The Sims Spark’d? Would you like to see a second season of the Sims-based show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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