The Sims Spark’d Episode 2 Recap: Surprises And A Rather Big Disappointment

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Judges making an important decision.
Judges making an important decision. Electronic Arts

In every competition, one of the things fans love is a good comeback story. After all, who doesn’t want to see a player or team that started at a disadvantage work their way towards victory, right? If you like that then you’re sure to love Episode 2 of the The Sims Spark’d.

If this is your first time hearing about this, don’t worry, we got you. This competition is all about The Sims 4 with a prize of $100,000 at stake. In Episode 1 the contestants were divided into teams of three and were made to compete in a Skills Challenge and an Elimination Challenge. Team Gnome dominated everyone, even when it appeared that they gave other teams some help. You can read a longer recap here.

Growing Pains

So what happened in Episode 2? The three remaining teams were made to do the Parenthood Skills Challenge. Teams were asked to create a Sim in three stages of growing up, which are toddler, child, and teenager. The competitors also needed to build three different rooms, with each room representing a story at each age. Finally, teams were given two hours for the challenge with the winner getting an advantage in the Elimination Challenge.

The first to present was last week’s winner, Team Gnome. They went for something rather simple. It was basically a boy who grows up to be independent. Up next was Llama, who focused on a girl who grows up to become a spellcaster. Meanwhile, Cowplant presented the story of a boy who despite starting to grow up, has yet to find his gender identity.

Cowplant's story is all about finding one's self.
Cowplant's story is all about finding one's self. Buzzfeed Multiplayer

Before announcing the winner, host Rayvon Owen revealed that the judges would also be announcing the second and third place, which can have an impact in the Elimination Challenge.

For the Skills Challenge, the judges chose Cowplant with judge Tayla Parx saying that not only did the team do something that was relatable, but that they did in a way that was subtle, yet strong. Judge David Miotke added that what Cowplant did was focus on the Sims and everything around them was supporting those Sims.

Second place was Gnome, which, according to the judges, had the strongest build, but had some elements that were lacking. That left Llama in third place with the judges saying that the character they created didn’t have that much depth and there was a lack of attention to detail and the backstory.

Let’s Go Supernatural

For the Elimination Challenge, the theme was Supernatural. Teams were allowed to draft three different packs to serve as the main ingredient. These were the picks:

  • Cowplant
    • 1st Pick: Island Living
    • 2nd Pick: Seasons
    • 3rd Pick: Discover University
  • Gnome
    • 1st Pick: Get to Work
    • 2nd Pick: Strangerville
    • 3rd Pick: Dine Out
  • Llama
    • 1st Pick: Vampires
    • 2nd Pick: Get Famous
    • 3rd Pick: Jungle Adventure

Teams were then given six hours, which was divided over two days, to complete the challenge. Like with last week, host Rayvon introduced a twist. This time teams needed to incorporate the Sims character they made in the last challenge into this new one. With the twist, it appeared that Cowplant again had the advantage since their story ended on university and their third pick was Discover University.

First up was Llama. Their story was about an aging actress who was turned into a vampire by none other than the spellcaster of the previous challenge. Cowplant’s was all about a mermaid. With the Dine Out DLC, Gnome went for alien abduction and even based the abductees on the judges.

Llama tells the tale of fame and immortality.
Llama tells the tale of fame and immortality. Buzzfeed Multiplayer

Listening to the judges deliberate, it was clear that Llama was going to get the win. The storyline and the way all characters were incorporated were what the judges were looking for.

The meant either Cowplant or Gnome was going home. While both teams had strong points and weak points, it was former powerhouse Gnome that was eliminated. For the judges, Gnome’s storyline was not only lacking, but it also didn’t manage to give a bigger picture.

That means the final round is going to be Cowplant against Llama. The question now is will Llama be able to slow down its bickering next time or will it be what gives Cowplant the win?

What did you think of this latest episode? Who are you rooting for in the finals? Let us know in the comments below.

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