The Sims Spark’d Episode 3 Recap: It’s All One-On-One And A Surprise Return

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Teams prepare for a new set of challenges.
Teams prepare for a new set of challenges. Buzzfeed Multiplayer

In the previous episode of The Sims Spark’d, the remaining three teams were cut down to two. What made it a surprise for everyone was that it was Team Gnome that was eliminated. If you’ve been following this competition, Gnome started out strong by winning all challenges in Day One of the competition. However, things weren’t good for them in episode two, as they didn’t fare well in either challenge. You can read our recaps of Episode one here and of Episode two here.

At the start of Episode three, Team Llama was looking to continue its momentum as last episode’s winner of the Elimination Challenge. However, as the two teams were about to find out, this week was going to test each contestant for everything they have.

Like with the previous episodes, this one also started with a Skills Challenge. Instead of completing it as a team, host Rayvon Owen announced that this contest was going to be one-on-one. This means it was going to be stylist versus stylist, builder versus builder, and storyteller versus storyteller. Teams were then going to earn points from the judges and the one with the most points got an advantage in the final elimination challenge.

Gender Not Required

First up was the Stylists and the challenge was called Gender Not Required. For this one, contestants were to make six original Sims models in different shapes, sizes, genders, and ethnicities. They also needed to come up with a cohesive and unique gender-fluid fashion collection for the Sims to model in a fashion showcase. Each were then given 45 minutes to complete the challenge.

It's all blue.
It's all blue. Buzzfeed Multiplayer

With Llama’s recent win, xMiraMira started strong and it showed in the challenge. Little Siha went for floral-themed style that took inspiration from her grandmother. However, it wasn’t enough, especially with xMiraMira’s blue themed clothing line that manged to cover a wide range of gender and body types. With this, xMiraMira got three points for her team.

Unconventional Build

Up next were the builders with Doctor Ashley from Cowplant against SimLicy of Llama. For their challenge, they were to create a unique model of transportation using unconventional materials. For example, if they wanted to build an airplane, they can’t use an actual airplane wing. Like with the previous pair, the two were given 45 minutes for the challenge.

Crash landing back in time.
Crash landing back in time. Buzzfeed Multiplayer

SimLicy started to work on what appeared to be a school bus home. While she was doing well, the judges felt that she was sticking more to her comfort zone and appeared to be forgetting the transport part. This prompted Tayla Parx to visit the two contestants with the hopes of redirecting her focus. While SimLicy did manage to complete the challenge, the judges went with Doctor Ashley. So what did she have? She went for a time machine. It wasn’t just a simple machine, but one that had crash landed. With the win, this led to a tie between the two teams.

Story Time

The challenge for the story builders didn’t take place on the same day, but on the next morning. It also came with another surprise. At the start, there were only five contestants on the stage. It turns out that Cowplant’s Steph0Sims made the decision to leave the show. This resulted in the return of The English Simmer from Gnome.

The challenge was to take turns storytelling live based on a scenario developed by David Miotke, one of the judges. The challenge was dubbed as Sell that Fixer Upper, and the storybuilders were to give a live narrated open house tour. The goal was to convince the judges was they should buy the house.

DrGluon doing the house tour.
DrGluon doing the house tour. Buzzfeed Multiplayer

This gave DrGluon a bit of an advantage since he was a Twitch streamer. As the challenge went on, it became clear that it would be difficult for The English Simmer, who typically releases edited videos instead of livestreams.

The result was still exciting with Dave going for The English Simmer and Tayla choosing DrGluon. This meant a 4-4 tie between the two teams and it was up to Kelsey Impicciche to make the final decision. In the end, Kelsey voted for DrGluon and gave Llama another win.

The final challenge is going to be Play with Life, with Llama getting a 15-minute advantage.

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