‘RWBY’ Volume 4 Intro, Footage And New Figures Shown At New York Comic Con Panel

A shot of the 'RWBY' Volume 4 trailer
A shot of the 'RWBY' Volume 4 trailer Rooster Teeth

The RWBY Volume 4 release date is Oct. 22 on Rooster Teeth Oct. 22 and the cast of the popular anime series converged at New York Comic Con for a now annual appearance to talk all things RWBY.

Series writers Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna, Rooster Teeth Head of Animation Gray Haddock, and voice actors Lindsay Jones (Ruby) and Barbara Dunkelman (Yang) were present in the Main Stage at NYCC. There were plenty of announcements and goodies to show off the capacity crowd.

The first announcement was Rooster Teeth and Viz Media will translate and bring the RWBY manga to North America. What’s more, the panelists teased the translated RWBY manga won’t be the only thing coming from Viz... but you’ll have to stay tuned.

New merchandise was announced, including 2.25-inch figures of Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Sun, Neptune and Zwei that will be sold in blind boxes. Neptune and Zwei are the rarest. Take a look at the new RWBY figures below.

The new RWBY figures coming soon.
The new RWBY figures coming soon. Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth sold 3.75-inch RWBY figures at the convention, but they also announced the new figures will be available after NYCC.

The Rooster Teeth booth at NYCC had RWBY collector cards as well. The cards will become available starting January 2017. The amount of cards in Series 1 may be 114, but the exact number has not been confirmed.

Volume 2 of RWBY is currently in Japanese theaters and Volume 3 will be coming very soon and the crew is hoping to actually make it out to Japan.

RWBY Grimm Eclipse showed off the new and free Horde Mode, which came with the first update of the Steam game. Team JNPR will be added to the game and come with some cool new skills. Pyrrah, for example, will be the only character you can upgrade their cancel. Jaune can buff his teammates.

Ren in 'RWBY Grimm Eclipse'
Ren in 'RWBY Grimm Eclipse' Rooster Teeth Games

But the biggest news was Grimm Eclipse will be coming to both PS4 and Xbox One before the year is over.

As for footage of RWBY Volume 4, a new intro for the series was shown with a brand new song from Casey Lee Williams. We see a lot of new characters from the upcoming season, including what’s possibly Blake’s brother and father, Weiss’ father and some new bad guys.

The tone of the new intro song is different from the other intros because, as Shawcross puts it, “this intro is about where [the characters] are at right now.”

Ren's concept design in 'RWBY' Volume 4
Ren's concept design in 'RWBY' Volume 4 Rooster Teeth

The panel did show off a very “rough” (as the panelists put it) clip of the first episode of RWBY Volume 4 , which starts with Nora and Ren talking about what their new team name should be when Jaune tells them to be quiet. All of a sudden, Ruby and a giant golem-like Grimm appears from the forest as Ren and Nora help Ruby to try and take it down, but nothing is working.

Nora's concept art for 'RWBY' Volume 4
Nora's concept art for 'RWBY' Volume 4 Rooster Teeth

The above concept art for Nora and Ren were shown at the panel and the panelists teased they couldn't show Jaune's, but the first episode will show off his new look very quickly.

Volume 4 will be as long Volume 3 (episode-wise) and the first episode of Volume 4 will be a hefty 18 minutes.

RWBY Volume 4 will be available for Rooster Teeth First members on Oct. 22.

So what are you looking forward to the most when RWBY returns? Let us know in the comments section below.

Editor's Note: A previous version mispelled Jaune as Jean. iDigitalTimes regrets the error.

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