‘RWBY’ Volume 4 Trailer Teaser Released Ahead Of Premiere Date

A shot of the 'RWBY' Volume 4 trailer
A shot of the 'RWBY' Volume 4 trailer Rooster Teeth

The premiere of RWBY Volume 4 isn’t until Oct. 22, but Rooster Teeth has announced when the first trailer of the upcoming season of the anime will drop with a short teaser of what to expect.

The Rooster Teeth Twitter account announced the first RWBY Volume 4 trailer will release on Oct. 3 and showed off a short GIF of what will appear in said trailer. Take a look at the first look of the RWBY Volume 4 trailer.

While there isn’t much going on in the trailer teaser, we do see Ruby standing on a mountain looking down on a town as two flying Grimms fly overhead.

But that’s not the only tease Rooster Teeth has up its sleeve, debuting new art for one of the characters. In the same fashion as Ruby’s Volume 4 look was released, we now have Weiss’ look for the upcoming season, which you can see below.

RWBY Volume 3 ended with the teams splintered after Yang quit the team due to losing her arm. Weiss returned to Atlas with her father and Blake ran away feeling responsible for what happened to Yang. Meanwhile, Ruby went with Jean, Nora and Ren to find Cinder.

RWBY Volume 4 is set to premiere on Rooster Teeth Oct. 22.

So what do you think of the brief teaser for RWBY Volume 4? Sound off in the comments section below.

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