'RWBY' Volume 4 Clip Shows New Look Ruby In Action

'RWBY' Volume 4 will have a new look.
'RWBY' Volume 4 will have a new look. Rooster Teeth

The promised first RWBY Volume 4 trailer has dropped, but it’s more of a clip than an actual trailer.

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive from Rooster Teeth showing a five-plus-minute clip of a scene from the upcoming Volume 4 of RWBY . In the clip, you’ll see an older Ruby as she tries to save a town from a Grimm invasion.

That short GIF from the Rooster Teeth Twitter account shows how the clip begins, as Ruby looks down at the Grimm-infested town as she rides down on one of the flying Grimm. When she arrives, Ruby shows off some of her fighting skills as she quickly dispatches the smaller Grimm.

Check out the clip from the Rooster Teeth account below.

However, there are still some Grimm that can be troublesome and Ruby encounters a gorilla-like Grimm that gives our favorite hunter a formidable fight.

Even when Ruby looks like she’s down and out, she pulls out the victory.

Fans then see Ruby’s new team that includes Team JNPR come to her aid as she continues ridding the town of Grimm.

Even better, fans actually get to see the other members of Team RWBY: Weiss looking out her window while Blake looks out at the ocean feeling bummed about what happened to Yang at the end of Volume 3. And speaking of Yang, we see her dealing with the loss of her arm back at the cabin that Ruby left her in.

RWBY Volume 4 will premiere Oct. 22 on Rooster Teeth for first members and on YouTube for free a week later.

So what do you think of the first look at RWBY Volume 4? Let us know in the comments section below.

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