Rust Console Edition: Update 1.52 Resolves Issue with Equipping Items

Rust Console Edition
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Were you unable to equip any items in Rust Console Edition lately? If so, that is one of the bugs finally resolved in the recently released Update 1.52.

The issue in question occurs when you’re swapping an item on the hot bar. The bug would then prevent you from equipping new items, which was definitely a pain considering that items in Rust Console Edition are necessary. Just imagine not being able to equip and use low-grade fuel because of this bug!

This patch also fixes various exploits in the Launch Site. For one, some people were able to attack others from vents. Furthermore, there was another exploit that would allow people to go through walls. Don’t worry, these things will never happen again, so it’s best that you download Update 1.52 right away.

Patch Notes

  • Helping a wounded player no longer gets canceled simply by looking away from them
  • Fixed Kayak texture disappearing after using it for a short time
  • Improved Sheet Metal building block textures to make it easier to differentiate between the hard and soft side of the building blocks
  • Fixed an exploit that let players push through gaps between doors and walls
  • Fixed an exploit where players were able to clip through ceilings using ladders
  • Improved Scientist AI at Oil Rig, Outpost and Bandit Camp monuments. Junkpiles and further improvements to come
  • Scientists no longer float upwards through the floor of the Cargo Ship like spooky ghost men
  • Fixed a bug that caused various assets such as wooden crates to appear white
  • Fixed hostile timer at Outpost and Bandit Camp
  • Removed backend text from Small Stash UI
  • Fuel storage UI in Quarry monuments no longer displays backend text
  • "Death Point" Text UI no longer appears on the loading screen when the player rejoins a server after closing the game on the death screen
  • Improved Death Screen UI loading speed
  • Fixed ability to zoom/move around the map on the Death Screen
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Map from appearing after a player dies while sleeping or logged out of the server
  • Added missing translations for Large Furnace and Furnace
  • Fixed misaligned gamertags for Team members
  • Fixed a Skin Store bug with the purchase prompt that omitted the theme
  • Fixed a bug that caused a loss of input on “Play Rust” menu after switching profiles while selecting a server
  • Fixed a loading phase hang on Refreshing dynamic décor that could occur after logging out of the server while being on the front part of the Cargo Ship
  • Xbox only: Fixed an issue with controller disconnect that caused unwanted button inputs, skins being bought accidentally
  • Adjusted in-game exposure to be slightly darker and skin preview exposure to better match mid-day
  • Skin changes including Tribal Garage Door and Furnace.

Rust Console Edition Update 1.52 is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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