Rust Console Edition Update 1.51 Now Live, Read Patch Notes Here

Rust Console Edition
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Rust, the multiplayer-only survival game by Facepunch Studios, recently received Update 1.51 on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, and it brought a plethora of bug fixes and improvements.

The bug when players pick up a ladder causing adjacent ladders to be destroyed is fixed. Candle Hat will no longer illuminate immediately after equipping it, which means an extra button is needed to extinguish it.

Tool Cupboards can no longer be deployed on Watch Tower anymore; only player-built foundations can have cupboards now. The LOD distance of water tanks is updated, and the collision to sunken barge moorings is added. Players are no longer able to drink water via Inventory UI anymore.

We have mentioned the highlights of the update below:

  • Removed unnecessary collider from the Salvaged Axe that caused it to get stuck in the air after being thrown.
  • Modified third-person Hatchet model to fix skin preview on Cargo - Tools Hatchet skin.
  • Modified movement on some foliage, including creeping vines animation.
  • Modified Pump Jack so the belt drive is no longer misaligned.
  • Disabled UP/DOWN SFX if splitting UI is open.
  • Map adjustment to stop single grid lines from disappearing when the map is zoomed in to the max.
  • Added token to toggle on/off control hint so Barbeque note inside its UI changes correctly after turning on the BBQ.
  • Removed collider from green fishing net to stop rubberbanding at the Fishing Village monument.
  • Modified shaders and material settings to fix a bug that caused some buildings in Large Fishing Village to have white textures.
  • Adjusted Scientist pathing on the Large Oil Rig to prevent them from entering locked doors.
  • Aligned engine with drive belt to stop Belt from clipping through engine on Quarry monuments.
  • Added light source to napalm so fires from helicopters and Bradley APC now correctly emits light at night.
  • Modified small Harbor scene to avoid Z-fighting on the stone wall.
  • Melee weapons thrown at Oxum’s gas station windows no longer disappear.
  • Removed deploy volumes/unneeded code for monuments. Adjusted planting bounds for corn to match pumpkin to fix a bug that stopped the Player cannot plant saplings near monuments.

The complete patch notes can be read via the official website.

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