Rust Console Edition: Dynamic Cargo Ship Event Featured in Oceanbound Update

Oceanbound Update
Oceanbound Update Facepunch Studios

The latest content update for Rust Console Edition is now available. The Oceanbound Update features a new cargo ship event where you can get a ton of loot. This patch also introduces a very accurate sniper rifle.

New Event

Dynamic Cargo Ship Event
Dynamic Cargo Ship Event Facepunch Studios

Every two to three hours, the CCSC Lazarus cargo ship will spawn in one corner of the map and go around for about 50 minutes before it leaves. You will hear a unique horn sound to tell you that new loot is up for grabs. But be warned, other people can hear it as well!

There are ladders on either side of the ship. Just align your boat to get started.

While you can hop aboard the cargo ship alone, you should bring a competent group with you for a higher chance of success.

The idea here is a loot crate will spawn every 10 minutes. To get the items locked inside the crate, you must hack the computer on top of it and wait 15 minutes for the process to complete. This is the challenging part because you must make sure that you eliminate the other groups. Otherwise, they will take the precious loot, leaving you with nothing. If the process has already begun and you need more time, you can shoot the computer to get some precious minutes.

Once you’ve acquired the contents of the loot crate, you can decide whether to go for the other crates or leave the ship. If you choose the latter, there will be a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) waiting at the back of the vessel.

When the cargo ship is about to leave the map, radiation will start leaking, and every person aboard should get out because no gear can save them.

New Weapon

New Weapon: L96 Sniper Rifle
New Weapon: L96 Sniper Rifle Facepunch Studios

The Oceanbound Update for Rust Console Edition also introduces a new sniper rifle called the L96. The main selling point of this weapon is its pinpoint accuracy. Those who like killing their targets from afar will really love this sniper rifle.

Remember that L96 cannot be crafted. Instead, it can only be obtained from the Bradley APC or Heavy Scientists, and the many Code Locked Crates found in the game.

So, what can you say about the new event? Are you going to use the L96 sniper rifle once you get your hands on it?

Rust Console Edition Oceanbound Update is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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