Rumbleverse Update 1.09: New Weapons, Perks, Special Moves, and More

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Rumbleverse, the free-to-play brawler battle royale title, received a massive update yesterday. Update 1.09 brought tons of new content including new special moves, a brand-new family of weapons, and two perks. Minor improvements and several balancing changes were made as well. Combine them with a plethora of bug fixes and you’ve got one heck of a patch.

You can read below to know more about all the new stuff.

New Special Moves
  • Added Roar Family of Special Moves
    • Comes in Common, Rare, and Epic varieties
    • Yell really loud to buff your teammates and buff yourself.
    • If enemies are in the way, they’ll be pushed back.
    • Become a support character! Break up crowds! Yell! Truly inspirational stuff here.
  • Added after 2.3: Power Mist
    • This is the Epic variety of the Mist Family.
    • This is a Power Move that stuns for a combo.
New Weapons
  • Added Broom family of weapons
    • Comes in Common, Rare, and Epic varieties
    • Every young Rumbler dreams of doing rad martial arts moves with a huge push-broom instead of sweeping the garage. Now you can too!
    • It hits many times and pairs well with Sadistic Perk.
    • Hold Vicious to sweep up the competition! It works as a Ground Attack too!
    • The Vicious attack does not break this weapon.
New Feature
  • Added Locked Crate
    • These are very heavy and hard to move.
    • You can only open it if you have an undamaged Keybat.
    • The Keybat’s magic might help you find a Locked Crate!
    • Inside you’ll find two of the following:
      • Gold Sauce Chicken
        • Heals for 500 HP per use, for 4 uses.
      • Gold Stamina Drink
        • Gives you 180 seconds of Energized.
      • Gold Sprinkles Cookie
        • Fully refills your Superstar Meter.
New Perks
  • Rude – (Added after 2.3) Emote near an enemy to gain a damage boost.
  • Guts – When you are low on Health, you’ll deal additional damage.

The complete patch notes are available on the official site.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Rumbleverse recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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