Rumbleverse: Time to Rumble at Low Key Key Island in Update 115139

Season 2
Season 2 Twitter/@Rumbleverse

Season 2 of the free-to-play brawler battle royale Rumbleverse is now live via Update 115139. Like every new season, players can expect a lot of new content. This time, there’s a new island where they can battle it out until one comes out on top.

Time to Rumble at the New Island

Lavadome Arena
Lavadome Arena Twitter/@Rumbleverse

Low Key Key is the latest island available to Rumbleverse players. It is situated just beyond the waters bordering Grapital City and is about two-thirds the size of the city, so there are plenty of places to explore, including the Lavadome Arena and the pool area.

Players can reach Low Key Key via bridges located on the city’s eastern coast, where they'll find springs that will propel them to the island. They must take care, though, because falling into the river still results in an immediate KO.

New Stuff

A plethora of new stuff has been added in Update 115139 to keep things fresh and exciting.

First, players can now do a Pole Swing, a new traversal ability available in Rumbleverse. Pressing the Interact button will initiate the player’s avatar to grab a pole and swing. They will continue swinging as long as the said button is held down and releasing it will launch the player off the pole. The Pole Swing can be used as a means of quickly getting from one place to another or as a Power Priority Attack.

In addition, players who are in need of a quick fix can eat the new Machos Nachos - a consumable item that restores 100 HP per use (can be consumed six times). These amazing nachos are eaten much faster than Chicken, so even though they only heal a small amount of HP, they’re pretty useful in critical situations.

Other New Content

  • Added Rush family of Special Moves
    • Comes in Common, Rare, and Epic
    • This is a Traversal move that lets you plow through crowds like a wild animal
    • Hold the button to keep running
    • Runs faster than Dashing repeatedly
    • It has Power Priority
  • Added Edge family of Special Moves
    • Comes in Common, Rare, and Epic
    • A Vicious attack that lets you spend stamina to carry an opponent around
    • Tap the attack button again to slam the opponent into the ground or toss them off a ledge
    • Great for team combos
  • Added Potted Plant throwables
  • Added Chancla family of weapons
  • Added Starfish family of weapons
  • Added Bucket throwables
  • Added Oil Drum weapon

Rumbleverse Update 115139 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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