Rumbleverse: Update 115139 Nerfs Chair and Plank Family Vicious Attacks

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Chairs and Planks in Rumbleverse are pretty terrifying, especially in the hands of a good player. The Iron Galaxy dev team knows this, which is why they’ve made certain adjustments to slightly reduce their effectiveness.

According to the team, the Chair family of weapons in Rumbleverse has a pretty high AOE that makes every swing difficult to avoid. In Update 115139, the AOE volumes have been reduced, so players can evade chair attacks a little better now.

When it comes to terrifying weapons in the game, the Plank family is definitely one of them. Their fast Vicious Attacks can stun targets a bit too long that players can connect with any moves they like. What’s worse, Planks are pretty common and can be found just about anywhere in Grapital City.

To lessen their efficacy, the hitstun of the Plank family Vicious Gut Check has been lowered significantly. While players can still connect combos after hitting their enemy with the Plank, they will no longer have enough time for more powerful attacks, such as an Irish Whip or a Super Move.

One last notable change in Update 115139 is that the weapon drop rate from crates has been lowered. This is to address the growing number of environmental weapons being added to the game.

Patch Notes

  • Big improvements have been made to the climbing system. You should drop off walls unexpectedly even less now
  • You can now see your own party status next to your teammates. This will help you see if you are the launch master and your mic status
  • The Pinging system has been improved! You can now see pings when they are off-screen, and they should be much more visible overall
  • The Battle Barge has moved! You’ll now be launching toward the islands from the North side, instead of the East side
  • We have retuned how Fame is gained. You’ll gain more from Daily and Weekly challenges than in Season 1, and a bit less from gameplay accolades
  • You can now invite a larger group to a party to join Playground Mode together. We will be running limited-time tests of Battle Royale modes for larger groups this season as well… stay tuned
  • Air Dodge
    • Changed the recovery animation from Air Dodge to make it more visually clear that you are in a recovery state and cannot perform actions
    • Added a small amount of additional invulnerability time to the Air Dodge. Now that is has more risk, we could justify increasing the invulnerability window
    • We once again allow you to cancel your Air Dodge into Air Vicious and Air Specials, so long as you are on the way up from the air dodge. If you do not have any vertical momentum, it will still not be allowed until the recovery period ends.
    • This should allow you to Air Dodge into offense so long as your target is above you, making this a viable option for chasing climbing players again

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Rumbleverse is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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