Rogue Company: New Virtual Horizons Event Pass Features Colorful Cosmetics

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A new patch has been dropped for the multiplayer tactical third-person shooter Rogue Company. The Virtual Horizons update features a new event pass that contains some pretty colorful cosmetics, especially for Mack and Dima.

Players can instantly acquire the Sashimi Rare Outfit for Mack by purchasing the Base or Elite Event Pass Bundles for 700 and 3,000 Rogue Bucks, respectively. Moreover, the Cyber Samurai Legendary Outfit for Dima can be unlocked at Rank 30.

Other notable things in the Virtual Horizons event pass include the Cyberhawk Rare Outfit for Switchblade (Rank 25), the Lemonade Burst Melee (Rank 10) and Secondary Wraps (Rank 21), and the Hip Popper Rare Emote (Rank 18).

Some balancing changes have been implemented as well. For instance, the HRM30KS assault rifle received buffs, such as a slight increase in body shot damage from 24 to 25 and improved damage falloff at all ranges. The latter adjustment makes this heavy assault rifle better when used in mid-to-long-range fights.

Patch Notes

Event Pass

  • Base Bundle Rewards
    • Sashimi Mack Rare Outfit
    • 20,000 Leagues Epic Hoverboard
    • 1-Hour Account Boost
    • 20% Event Pass Experience Boost
  • Elite Bundle Rewards
    • +30 Event Pass Levels
    • Sashimi Mack Rare Outfit
    • 20,000 Leagues Epic Hoverboard
    • 1-Hour Account Boost
    • 20% Event Pass Experience Boost
  • General Rewards
    • 1,000 Reputation
    • 700 Rogue Bucks
    • 2x 1 Hour Account Boost
    • 1x 45-Minute Account Boost
  • Cosmetics
    • 20,000 Leagues Epic Hoverboard
    • Chibi Ronin Rare Spray
    • Black Cheetah Rare Primary Weapon Wrap
    • Blue Waves Rare Border
    • Psychedelic Peace Rare Spray
    • Console Cowboy Legendary Title
    • Footwork Frolic Rare Emote
    • Intervention Animated Epic Banner
    • Cherry Bomb Rare Avatar
    • Colder Than ICE Legendary Title
    • 4x Reward Supply Drops
    • 4x Event Pass Supply Drops

Balancing Changes


  • Gl1tch
    • Executioner Replaced with A3Salvo
  • Saint
    • Executioner Replaced with Warrant
  • Runway
    • Semtex Replaced with Smoke Grenade

Weapons and Gadgets

  • D40C
    • Legendary Tier Now Increases Mag Size and Removes Jump Accuracy Penalty (The damage range increase has been removed)
  • Objection
    • Damage Falloff at all ranges have been improved
  • A3Salvo
    • Bodyshot Damage Increased from 18(36) -> 20(40)
    • Jump Accuracy Penalty Reduced
  • Warrant
    • Jump Accuracy Penalty Reduced
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot Reduced
    • Max Firing Accuracy Loss Reduced
  • Trip Mine
    • Base Damage Reduced From 120 -> 100
    • Normalized The Effective Range

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed some instances where players were unable to fire their weapon
  • Fixed an issue where Vy ability going into partial cooldown after use
  • Fixed an issue where gunshot audio would endlessly play in multiple instances during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where C4 would disappear whenever a player would die
  • Collision fixes for District
  • Resolved some Out of Bounds exploits in Vertigo and Windward

Rogue Company Virtual Horizons update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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