Rogue Company Sees the Return of Important Gameplay Role in Three Wishes Update

Three Wishes Update
Three Wishes Update Twitter/@RogueCompany

The Three Wishes update for the team-based multiplayer shooter Rogue Company is now live on all platforms. This patch is interesting because it sees the return of a gameplay role that will have players gather some-much needed information about the enemy team.

Gather Intel

In the latest patch for Rogue Company, Dallas, Glimpse, Phantom, Seeker, and Talon have been re-assigned to a returning gameplay role: Intel. The developer said that these rogues already possess the tools necessary to provide their team with information regarding enemy positions. Dallas, for example, has the Target Finder ability that reveals the closest enemy for a short time.

With the return of Intel, it will be interesting to see how developers create new rogues in the future.

Three Wishes Update
Three Wishes Update First Watch Games

Level Cap Raised

The Three Wishes update also raised the max player level cap from 550 to 1,000. This is something that the community has been requesting for quite some time now, so it’s nice to see that the developers have finally done it.

With this change, players can continue to earn reputation rewards as they level up. Moreover, new Milestone Rewards are added to further give them incentives for their hard work.

Account Level Progression Rewards
Account Level Progression Rewards First Watch Games


  • New Map: Highcastle Omega
    • Available in the following queues:
    • Quickplay
    • Normal Strikeout & Demolition
    • Custom Strikeout & Demolition
    • Practice Strikeout & Demolition
    • Ranked Strikeout & Demolition
    • 6v6 TDM
    • 4v4 KOTH
  • Gl1tch
    • Hack
      • Hack Activation Time Reduced From 2s > 1.5s
      • Hack Duration Increased From 5s > 6s
  • Cannon
    • Gatling Gun
      • Move speed reduction removed
      • Headshot damage increased from 16 > 18
  • Dallas
    • Loadout Changes
      • Adrenaline Shot Replaced with EMP Grenade
    • Target Finder + Recharge QoL
      • Recharge now appropriately refreshes Target Finder while the ability is still active. Remember: you can only have one reveal out at a time!
  • Talon
    • Perk Loadout Adjusted
      • Rare Hunter Replaced with Rare Tracker Rounds
      • Rare Shredder Rounds
      • Rare Armor
      • Epic Nimble Hands Replaced with Epic Crackshot
      • Epic Padded Steps
      • Epic Life Drain Replaced with Epic Tenacity
      • Legendary Tenacity Replaced with Legendary Life Drain
      • Legendary Crackshot Replaced with Legendary Nimble Hands
    • Mag Gloves
      • Retrieve Time Reduced from 0.5s > 0.25s
  • LMGs
    • MLX Maw
      • Base Weapon Headshot reduced from 24 > 22
      • Removed ADS Movespeed upgrade from Rare/Epic/Legendary
      • -5% Movement Speed Reduction added
      • Accuracy/Bloom Behavior changed to fit LMG Identity
    • Conviction
      • -5% Movement Speed Reduction added
  • SMGs
    • Objection
      • Lv1 Upgrade Now Increases Magazine Size to 40
    • D40c
      • Fixed the Lvl2 Upgrade’s reload speed
  • Gadgets
    • EMP
      • Damage to deployables increased from 300 > 600

Rogue Company Three Wishes update is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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