Rogue Company: Latest Hotfix for Eternal Conflict Update Buffs SMGs

March 21 Hotfix
March 21 Hotfix Twitter/@RogueCompany

A hotfix for Rogue Company: Eternal Conflict has been deployed and is now available on all platforms. This hotfix implemented a lot of balancing changes, mostly buffing submachine guns. There’s also a particular assault rifle that was brought down in power.

Accurate and Deadly

Submachine guns in Rogue Company remain in a good place despite a slight drop in usage rate. However, the developers think that they can still be improved, so they’ve implemented some adjustments to put SMGs in their intended placements. The buffs include an increase in their overall accuracy, improved bloom, and damage falloff thresholds pushed out a bit to be more reasonable.

For example, the LMP-X has its base accuracy increased, while the accuracy return delay is decreased. Damage falloff thresholds have also increased from 9/19/24m to 12/22/28m. This means the said SMG can still do damage even at 28 meters.

Hydra Nerf

The Hydra has been an overpowered weapon in Rogue Company for some time now due to its high damage output, moderate fire rate, and overly generous mag size. Unsurprisingly, this assault rifle’s power has to be brought down a peg, and that is what happened in this hotfix.

Its fire rate received a substantial nerf from 5.50 to just 5.00. Furthermore, the Hydra’s upgraded mag size now only holds 30 bullets instead of 40.


  • Role Changed From Defender to Breacher
  • Gatling Gun Ability
    • Headshot Damage Reduced from 18 > 16
    • Bodyshot Damage Reduced from 15 > 14
    • No longer able to go prone or mount while using the Gatling Gun
    • Movement speed while using Gatling Gun has been reduced by 15%
  • Katana Replaced with Combat Knife
  • Vile Poison Ability
    • Cooldown Increased from 30s to 40s
    • Poison Duration Reduced from 12s > 10s
    • Throw Distance Reduced
  • Rare Tenacity Replaced with Rare Helping Hands
  • Epic Replenish Replaced with Epic Tenacity
  • Updated Perk Loadout
    • Rare Evade
    • Rare Life Drain
    • Rare Blaster
    • Epic Energized
    • NEW: Epic Quick Hands Replaced With Epic Padded Steps
    • Epic Stalker
    • Legendary Shredder Rounds
    • NEW: Legendary Gadgeteer Replaced With Legendary Restock
  • Executioner
    • Base Accuracy increased
  • Spitfire
    • Damage Falloff Thresholds Increased from 7/14m > 9/17/20m
    • Damage Falloff Adjusted to 80%/55%/30%
  • D40C
    • Base Accuracy Increased
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot Decreased
    • Max Accuracy Loss Decreased
    • Damage Falloff Thresholds Increased from 8/17/21.5m > 10/19/25m
  • SL-C
    • Base Accuracy Increased
    • ADS Accuracy Increased
    • Damage Falloff Thresholds Increased from 7.5/16/20.5 > 9/18/23m
  • Objection
    • Body Damage Reduced from 13 > 12
    • Base Accuracy Increased
    • Fixed ADS Accuracy issue where it appeared as if the weapon accuracy worsened while in ADS
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot Decreased
    • Damage Falloff Thresholds Increased from 10/15/17.5m > 10/17/21.5m
Assault Rifles
  • HRM30k
    • Movement Accuracy Penalty Reduced from 0.02 > 0.005
    • Mag Upgrade Amount Increased from 25 > 30
  • Nightshade
    • ADS Accuracy Decreased
    • Jump Accuracy Penalty Reduced from -0.09 > -0.07
    • First Damage Falloff Buffed from 75% > 85%
    • Damage Falloff Ranges Adjusted from 13/26m > 13/23/31m

So, what can you say about the SMG buffs in this hotfix? Do you think the Hydra nerfs are justified?

Rogue Company March 21 Hotfix is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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