Rimworld: Console Edition Update 1.09 Adds Poison Synthesis and Other Gameplay Improvements

Rimworld: Console Edition
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Rimworld: Console Edition received a new patch not long ago. Update 1.09 brought some interesting new additions and gameplay improvements.

Poison Synthesis, the ability to craft bionics in Rimworld that synthesize venom from internal chemical reactors, is now available on the research tree.

If you’ve accidentally pressed the option to “Abandon All” items in the Caravan UI and the game asks you for confirmation, do not worry. There’s a new feature that cancels the prompt.

In terms of gameplay improvements, a warning dialog will now be shown when you’re creating a colony and there’s a certain task that none of your current characters can perform. This should tell you to hold off on that particular task for now, at least until you can find the right person for the job.

Aside from that, the game is now better at handling memory, particularly during the randomization of characters.

You can find the other changes implemented in this patch below:

  • Added: Bills which include the ability to smelt, destroy or burn weapons and apparel now have options to choose between biocoded, non-biocoded, clean or tainted. Other special allowances for ingredient menus were also added with this feature
  • Improved: Scrolling through history records for colonists with a lot of past/recent logs previously caused performance to drop
  • Improved: When multiple of the same object was selected, choosing to build a copy previously caused performance stuttering
User Interface
  • Added: Ability to delete a restriction group which is applied to a colonist in the “Assign menu” with a warning
  • Added: On-screen UI showing distance between landing beacons
  • Added: The expiring quest message now has jump to option
  • Added: The alerts and messages for the mech buildings now has jump to the source option
  • Added: Change tab prompt on each tab on form caravan to improve player experience
  • Improved: UI only enters area build mode, if the player confirms selection from the area menu instead of every time the player exits area management screens
  • Improved: Scroll position correctly resets when tab change occurs
  • Improved: Moved control prompts on build mode to differentiate between actions and make the actions clearer
  • Improved: The button prompt to close the completed research message was not consistent with other dialogs - changed to X/A
  • Fixed: Opening content of Shuttle after instructing a colonist to enter would sometimes cause a soft-lock for shuttle-related Royalty quests
  • Fixed: Inventory bindings now consistently apply when entering the game for a second time
  • Fixed: Threat pause setting is now working consistently

The full patch notes can be found on Rimworld: Console Edition’s official site.

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