RimWorld: Console Edition Update 1.21 Now Lets Players Choose How They Want to Play with Custom Scenarios

RimWorld: Console Edition
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Update 1.21 for RimWorld: Console Edition is a fun one because it introduced a new game mode that lets players customize situations to their liking.

The new game mode in question is called Custom Scenarios where players can choose a preset scenario and adjust certain settings based on their preferences. For example, they can have their colonists start with a health condition if they want to have a challenging experience right off the bat.

RimWorld: Console Edition Update 1.21 implemented various improvements as well. Players can now toggle some actions from the “Animals” UI, including attack, rescue, and haul. On top of that, multiple animal relationships are now presented in a single row to prevent scrolling issues while on the “Relationship” screen.


  • Added: You can now copy and paste in Bills screens
  • Added: You can now "Jump to" colonists via the Relationship tab
  • Added: The bill ingredient item amount were added to Bill screens
  • Added: Factions "Opinion of" stats have been changed to numbers versus gauges for better accuracy
  • Added: Additional information is now shown on the Scenario Selection screen as Notes
  • Added: Adjust button prompts ontrade screen for better interaction
  • Added: Prisoners and slaves are now identified during Trades
  • Added: Life stage is now shown on the Wildlife menu
  • Added: Revenge and Manhunter indicators to the Wildlife menu
  • Added: Confirm dialogs with additional information to various options
  • UI
    • Improved: The time speed UI element was made colorful after loading with "Pause on Load" activated
    • Improved: Colonist bar can now show all status icons at once instead of cycling through them
    • Improved: Message contrast was increased on specific screens to make messages more readable
    • Improved: When player navigates through long lists, acceleration is activated smoothly and no longer skips some options
    • Improved: Players now have the ability to scroll through Traits
  • Gameplay
    • Improved: During trades you can no longer sell and buy the same item simultaneously
    • Improved: Tutorial no longer displays wood as material for building when no wood is on the map
    • Improved: Improved performance when multiple things are selected
    • Improved: Inventory pinning, and the Tile Information Visibility status is now saved
    • Improved: Trade filter styles when other buttons are active
    • Improved: Drag selection is now disabled when "Jump to" is selected for a pawn or animal
    • Improved: Mood stats are now shown and players can change options within the Needs tab
  • Fixed issues with handling insufficient storage and players trying to save/autosave
  • Better handling for times when players are unable to save DLC settings due to corrupt "Preferences" on PlayStation
  • Changing profiles caused world generation to show a gray screen

RimWorld: Console Edition Update 1.21 is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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