Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass No. 5 is Finally Here

See what rewards are offered.
See what rewards are offered. Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online announced that its latest Outlaw Pass is now available. The Outlaw Pass No. 5 comes complete with clothing, emotes, and even camp items. Players can also expect, among others, a canine companion, horse manes, and Moonshine Shack décor.

There are also different free rewards that everyone can claim as part of the automatic membership to Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Rewards include weapon modifications, a free Ability Card, and RDO$.

A total of 80 Ranks will offer their own rewards. Members can upgrade to the new Outlaw Pass for 35 Gold Bars. Those who do it before March 23 get a 10 Gold Bar rebate. Overall, players can earn back the gold they used to buy the Outlaw Pass over the 80 ranks.

For those who are looking for specifics, some of the rewards are:

  • Sable Australian Shepherd Camp Dog
  • Faucheux Outfit
  • Portbridge vest
  • Tousled Horse Mane
  • Facepalm emote
  • New Satchel and Skill Pamphlets
  • 25% Role XP boost during the Club Membership period
  • Filters for the Advanced Camera with added effects

Join Wheeler, Rawson and Co. and learn more about the Outlaw Pass 5 here.

Red Dead Online is an action-adventure game released in 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Initially, it was launched as an online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. But later released as a standalone game in December 2020.

In Red Dead Online, players get to control a character that’s been freed from after being framed for murder. The goal is to take revenge and prove their innocence. The game itself is set a year before Red Dead Redemption 2, and it offers story missions that players can complete solo or with a team of up to four players. There are also different events and side missions. One feature that Red Dead Online introduces to players is ability cards that allow them to trigger one active and three passive powers of their characters.

On launch, Red Dead Online received criticism mainly due to the gameplay and in-game currency. However, Rockstar Games made sure to release updates to add new content like different roles and additional rewards. Thus, many reviews found the post-release content mainly positive.

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