Red Dead Online Wants You to Take on 3 New Solo Missions

New things to do.
New things to do. Rockstar Games

It may not be the update players are looking for in Red Dead Online but it’s a good start. Good news for hired guns and outworkers around the frontier. The game offers through telegram three new solo missions.

For those wondering, the new missions are from someone calling himself, or maybe herself, simply as “J.” The trio of missions is dubbed as “A New Source of Employment” and a good choice for those who aren’t afraid to do something dangerous, in return for some rewards of course.

The New Missions

In "A One Horse Deal," it seems that Braithwaites are in negotiations to get a prized and untamed white Arabian racehorse from the Emerald. For this mission, players first need to intercept the deal. Before delivering it to their contact, however, they must tame the beast. Considering the value this steed offers, don’t expect things to be easy.

Another mission is "Rich Pickings" and you probably have an idea of how it’s going to play out. For this one, there’s talk that the mayor of Saint Denis seems to be keeping some of the seized jewels that were smuggled into the States. All of these have been hidden by the Mayor in this well-guarded manor and your goal is to get in, grab those jewels, and get out alive.

The "Outrider" mission, meanwhile, is more of an escort task. A wagon is traveling to Brittlebrush Trawl and they need people to guard it against attackers and any other danger on the way. Players can choose to ride shotgun or escort on horseback. No matter what the choice is, the goal is to make sure that the wagon makes it. That means if the driver dies, it’s up to players to complete the task.


You're probably wondering where are the rewards? Well finishing any of the missions gives these:

  • 5,000 Club XP
  • RDO$100
  • Treasure Map

There are also special bonuses for each mission:

  • One Horse Deal
    • Bonuses:
      • Offer for 30% off an Arabian Horse
      • 2 Special Horse Revivers
  • Rich Pickings
    • Bonuses:
      • 3 Lost Jewelry
      • 3 Family Heirloom Collectibles
  • Outrider
    • Bonuses:
      • 20 Small Game Arrows
      • 100 Express Revolver Cartridges

Other Details

Each mission offers players three difficulty levels. Missions can be replayed but their difficulty is increased. To start the new missions, players have to check their Camp Lockbox or their mailbox at any local Post. There’s going to be a Telegram in the Satchel that contains all the necessary information.

For those excited about these new missions, Red Dead Online announced that players can expect new ones to be released in the future.

Get to learn more about Red Dead Online here.

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