Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star: All Upcoming Buffs and Nerfs

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Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter with more than 50 operators, so you should always expect balancing changes to occur. Y6S2 Operation North Star is no exception and other than bringing a new operator and a map rework, the new season will also buff and nerf several existing operators. Thankfully, Jager and Blackbeard are not getting more nerfs this time.

Ash is next on the chopping block for she will lose one Breaching Round, limiting her with only two. The vertical recoil of her favorable primary weapon, the R4-C, has been increased and will go toward the right. The long burst recoil will now start at the eighth bullet instead of the 12th.

Melusi received the biggest nerf. Her Banshee’s core will now be exposed when active, meaning, her gadget will be destroyed when shot or melee attacked. The device can now detect enemies’ feet.

Finka received a much-needed buff. Her HP boost will now work as Doc’s Stim Pistol, making the boost permanent. Rook will automatically equip his armor while placing his Armor Pack, allowing you to skip animation.

The rest of the changes are mentioned in great detail below:


  • Valkyrie now has primary control over her Black Eye cameras, so she will take control over the cameras if another player is trying to use them at the same time (similar to Zero and Echo).


  • Increased vertical recoil. The horizontal spread will be more constant and stronger to the right. Long burst recoil will start on the sixth bullet instead of the 12th.


  • The ARGUS Camera now uses the same resource management system as the Shock Drone. A shot is recharged every 15 seconds. The device has infinite ammunition and only one shot can be stacked.


  • Horizontal spread is now more constant instead of randomly moving to the left or right, and the next shot is closer to the center.


  • The first shot kick has been reduced and vertical recoil has been reduced. The horizontal spread will be more predictable and constant to the left, and long burst recoil will start on the 12th bullet instead of the 6th.

You can check out the patch notes from the official site.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Rainbow Six Siege North Star? Which other operator do you think deserves a buff or a nerf? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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