Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2: What You Need to Know About Thunderbird

Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star
Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 2 was finally revealed yesterday before the Grand Final match of Six Invitational. The new season, Operation North Star, is bringing one more defender operator along with a rework of a casual map. Several balancing changes and QoL tweaks will be brought to the game as well.

New Operator - Thunderbird

After six years, the defenders are finally getting a second healing operator. Move away Doc, a better version of you is here. You can play Thunderbird on the test server starting tomorrow. This operator is a three-speed and one-health operator equipped with the following:

Primary Gadget

She will have access to three Kona Stations. This gadget acts as a healing station that works via proximity. If you are within the radius of the aid station, it will give you a 30-HP boost. Be careful, if attackers are in the radius. they can get the boost as well. However, if both are in the radius, the defenders will exclusively get the benefit.

After giving the boost, the gadget will cool down. It can even revive downed players if they can crawl into the radius. If two defenders are in the radius, then the station will prioritize the defender with the lowest health.

Guns and Secondary Gadget

She will have access to two primary weapons. One is the Spear .308 assault rifle, also used by Finka, and the other is the SPAS-15 Shotgun, used by Caveira. You can also choose between two secondary weapons, Q-929 Pistol and Bearing-9. She can select between either a C4 or Impact Grenades as well.

Map Rework – Favela

Rainbow Six Siege is getting its second casual map rework. After House, Favela is the chosen one for the developer touch-up. Several small rooms have been combined and multiple outside soft walls are now full concrete walls. The exterior of the map is more of the same, however, the interior received major changes. The map is now less restrictive for roamers and forces attackers to be more careful.

If I can’t kick the football again, then I don’t want this map Ubisoft.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Operation Northstar? Will you try out the new season tomorrow on TS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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