Rainbow Six Siege: Limited Time Money Heist Event Out Now

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Money Heist
Money Heist Rainbow Six Siege

A new limited-time event inspired by the Netflix original series Money Heist hits Rainbow Six Siege today. The event allows players to don the series’ iconic heist outfits and masks. There have been quite a few leaks hinting at a similar event, and now it has finally been officially confirmed. 

The Money Heist event will run from November 20 through November 25. Appropriately, the mode takes place on the Bank map, with Hostage serving as the locked game mode for the event. Besides that, players will also be able to purchase the exclusive Heist uniform for Vigil and Hibana from the shop section. 

BOSG ACOG: The ACOG sight for the BOSG made its way to the Test Servers and it is possible that players will finally get to see the ACOG sight for BOSG on the live build of the game as well. With strong sniper weaponry on the attacking side, the BOSG ACOG should allow defenders to take up fights and not hide from the sniper.

Kaid ElectroClaw Buff: Our beloved Kaid received a major buff, which now allows the Operator to electrocute up to three walls with a single RTilla Claw. Ubisoft achieved this by increasing the range of the RTilla’s area of effect, making Kaid a great alternative for Bandit. Surprisingly, Kaid also lost his Impact Grenades in exchange for Barbed Wire. This should give players more opportunities to play Kaid as a trap operator.

Glaz Buff: After Glaz’s massive nerf, which rendered the operator useless, Ubisoft has been working toward making the Operator a bit appealing by incorporating minor buffs. Post nerf, Glaz was no longer able to highlight enemies as he was moving. With the latest buff, the Operator can move and highlight enemies without paying a big penalty.

Skyscraper Removed From Ranked: With the new season, Ubisoft has removed Skyscraper from the Ranked pool. Although Skyscraper has fairly good second-floor play and objectives, the objectives on the first floor are quite difficult to defend. We hope Ubisoft figures out the issues with the map and implements some rework to make first floor objectives viable to defend.

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