Rainbow Six Siege: Four Major Changes Coming With Operation Shifting Tides

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Operation Shifting Tides
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The new Rainbow Six Siege season, Operation Shifting Tides, brings two new Operators to the game along with a reworked Theme Park. While you might already be testing these Operators out on the Test Server, it is possible to overlook a few other amazing changes that are being implemented in the game. Here are four big changes that are going live with the new season on December 2.

Rappel Exit: Earlier, rappelling to the top of the building automatically triggered a lengthy rappel exit animation, which left attackers vulnerable for a brief moment. The new rappel exit feature is introduced in the form of a prompt key, which players can press to enter the rappel exit animation.

Changes to Smoke’s Toxic Gas: With the new season, players will be able to notice a difference between how Smoke’s toxic gases behave. Earlier, Smoke's gases could deny players on the other side of the wall. However, with the new changes, the ‘toxic beauties’ will not be able to pass through walls and deny players unless there is a large hole in the wall. Moreover, the toxic gas’s color is not going to obstruct vision anymore.

Jackal Rework: Jackal’s rework has been live on the Test Server for a while now and it is finally making its way to the live game with the new season. Post rework, Jackal will see footprints in four different colors - red, yellow, green and blue. These colors indicate the age of footprints and will determine the number of times the enemy can be pinged. A simple way to understand how the footprints work with the Eyenox Sensor is as follows:

  • Red footprints (under 15s old) - 5 pings
  • Yellow footprints (16s to 30s old) - 4 pings
  • Green footprints (31s to 60s old) - 3 pings
  • Blue footprints (61s to 90s old) - 2 pings

Additionally, Jackal can no longer see or scan footprints from below the floor. Jackal players will now require a tactical approach after his rework, as relaying enemy locations with the team makes the footprints disappear. Finally, Jackal’s loadout is also receiving a slight change with his Breaching Charges being replaced with Claymores.

Voice line Changes: The voice lines for Mira and Hibana are being re-recorded and players will find these two Operators having different voices.

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