Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shifting Tides Revealed

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All the rumors going around for the new operation of Rainbow Six Siege have been officially confirmed by Ubisoft at the Pro League Finals in Japan. The Year 4 Season 4 operation is in fact called Operation Shifting Tides, which introduces two brand new Operators to the game.

Kali Ubisoft

The two-speed and two-armored attacking Operator goes by the name Kali. Kali favors the all-new CSRX 300 bolt-action sniper rifle. The bolt-action rifle is nothing like we have seen before in Siege and comes with a 5X and 12X variable scope. The sniper has the potential of downing an enemy player with just one shot to the torso. Along with her unique weapon, Kali also uses the LV Explosive Lance gadget, which is an under-barrel projectile that destroys enemy gadgets in its area of effect. The gadget is immune to Bandit’s batteries, Mute’s jammers, and Kaid’s Electromagnetic Claws. However, Jager’s ADS and Wamai’s (the new defender) Mag-Net systems are useful counters to Kali’s LV Explosive Lance.

Wamai Ubisoft

On the defender’s side is also a two-speed and two-armored Operator named Wamai. Wamai adds the Mag-Net system to the game, which somewhat replaces the role of Jager’s ADS device. The Mag-Net system works in a way that it attracts all projectiles and throwables in its area of effect and detonates them. The Mag-Net system is a hard counter to Capitao’s bolts, which the community has been asking for for a long time. Although Thatcher’s EMP grenades disable the Mag-Net system, the grenades do not destroy the gadget. Apart from the innovative gadget, Wamai has the liberty to choose between the AUG A2 assault rifle and the MP5K submachine gun.

Theme Park Rework
Theme Park Rework Ubisoft

With the new season, Rainbow Six Siege presents the newly reworked Theme Park map, which seems to have been improved significantly. The major change to the Theme Park map is the removal of the train that separated the second floor of the map into two sections, creating difficulty for defenders to rotate back to the objective. The rework not only brings a new vibe to the map, it also completely changes how the map can be played.

In addition to all of this, Ubisoft has also introduced bullet penetration to the game, which was one of the serious issues for the Siege community. Earlier, shooting the enemy limb covering his head resulted in a limb shot as there was no bullet penetration. With this new mechanic, players can breathe a sigh of relief and rage less.

Capitao Elite Set
Capitao Elite Set PC GamesN

While the community expected to see either an Ela or Caveira Elite set with the new season, the developers bamboozled the community by revealing the BOPE attacker Capitao's Elite set.

The new season is currently live on the Test Servers on PC.

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