Rainbow Six Siege: Cross-Play and Cross-Progression Arriving in New Update

Exciting changes coming soon.
Exciting changes coming soon. Ubisoft

A new update is coming next month to Rainbow Six Siege, marking the start of a new season and introducing new content like a new Defender and a new map. There are also interesting updates and cool features, including the launch of cross-play and cross-progression. That means matchmaking between consoles, PC, and streaming platforms will be available.

This feature also allows for unified progression and inventory, so players can share their progress, in-game currencies, and even items across all platforms. You can learn more about cross-platform synchronization here.

Reputation Score Display

Once Operation Solar Raid launches, players can look forward to the update for the Reputation System. Players should now be able to see their Reputation Standing and obtain more information on active penalties linked to their accounts.

It's important to remember that since the feature is currently in beta, there won't be any penalties or bonuses based on the standing of the player. These effects and modifiers go live at a later date.

Update Highlights

Here are the other changes coming to the game courtesy of the upcoming update:

  • Anti-cheat and anti-toxicity
    • New anti-cheat measures are being progressively rolled out on PC.
  • ​Ranked 2.0
    • The way that skill ratings and ranking are correlated is changing to improve the competitive experience.
    • This is also to make it easier for players to group with friends of different ranks.
  • New Battle Pass Progression System
    • The Battle Pass is no longer a linear track.
    • It now features branching paths that allow players to plan their route to target the rewards that they want the most.
  • ADS Movement Update
    • All players now move at the same speed when aiming down sights.
    • This is regardless of the selected Operator's speed rating.
  • Team Colors on Gadgets
    • To improve clarity, certain gadgets are going to display team colors to more clearly communicate which team controls them.
  • ​Gadget Mode Toggle Update
    • Operators can now toggle the fire mode of their unique gadget without equipping their unique gadget.
    • This allows them to more swiftly prepare for action.
  • Bomb Objective Markers
    • When Attackers discover the bomb sites but drop the defuser, the bomb site icons still appears on-screen.
    • This is to make sure that the team doesn't lose those points of reference.
  • Drone Customization
    • The drones of the Attackers now have cosmetic skins.

The new update arrives December 6 and also introduces the new Operator Solis. You can learn more about what she brings to the table here.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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