Rainbow Six Siege: Doktor’s Curse Halloween Event Starts Today

Can you survive the curse?
Can you survive the curse? Ubisoft

The spooky season is here in Rainbow Six Siege and what better way to celebrate than with the Doktor's Curse event. Beginning tomorrow, be ready for Monsters and Hunters.

Doktor's Curse: The Returned introduces players to new Operators as they compete in the Hide and Seek game mode. The Hunters (Attackers) have managed to recruit Oryx into their ranks. Meanwhile, the new Monsters (Defenders) have Azami, Gridlock, Nomad, and Thorn on their side.

The event ends November 2 and those who log in during the event period get a free Doktor's Curse Collection pack containing a creepy cosmetic item.

Monsters vs. Hunters

The best way to describe the Hide and Seek game mode is it’s an asymmetrical showdown between Hunters and Monsters. The Hunters come equipped with breaching hammers for bashing their quarry and each one has a tracking gadget that helps them on the hunt. The Monsters, on the other hand, each have trap gadgets that they can use to delay or damage the Hunters. Monsters also have the Nightstride ability, which not only gives temporary invisibility but also increased speed for a limited time. This should be enough to give them time to escape from their pursuers.

Either team can win by eliminating the other. However, Monsters have another way to win, which is to stay alive until time runs out.

New Items

Of course, no event would be complete without new items. This time, it’s the Doktor's Curse Collection that features ghoulish cosmetic items for each Operator featured in the event. Players can log in during the event to get a Doktor's Curse Collection pack for free. They can unlock three more packs by finishing weekly Ubisoft Connect Challenges. There are also bundles that players can buy for 300 R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown.

Players can also get themed bundles along with Operator-specific bundles for every Operator featured currently or previously in a Doktor's Curse event. There are bonus bundles too for Pulse, Kaid, and Melusi.

By the way, Operator Cards have been added to the bundles this year and players who previously purchased bundles are granted the corresponding card for free.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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