Rainbow Six Siege: New Operator Solis Ready to Join the Defenders

Are you ready for a new Operator?
Are you ready for a new Operator? Ubisoft

The new season of Rainbow Six Siege is coming this December 6. Titled “Operation Solar Raid,” it celebrates the seventh anniversary of the game. Like your typical update, there’s a bunch of new content to enjoy but this one features the new Operator named Solis. She’s going to be available as part of the Operation Solar Raid Battle Pass once the update goes live. However, for those who don’t have it, they can wait for two weeks to unlock this new Operator using Renown or R6 Credits.

Who exactly is Solis? For starters, she's joining the Defenders with her electronics-detecting gadget. She comes from Colombia and is a member of Ghosteyes, an in-game faction composed of covert Operators led by Caveira.

Solis has in her primary weapon slot a P90 submachine gun or ITA 12L shotgun, while her secondary is a SMG-11. Her generic gadget is either impact grenades or a bulletproof camera.

That's not all! Her unique gadget is known as the SPEC-IO Electro Sensor. This augmented reality headset allows Solis to spot and identify electronic gadgets of Attackers. It works with a charge that slowly drains when she’s using it but refills when she's not. She can also use the device’s charge to cluster scan all gadgets within her sight and tag them for her allies to see. Of course, she can yellow ping them or verbally call them out as well.

New Map

Another highlight of this upcoming update is the new map called Nighthaven Labs. Beginning with Operation Solar Raid, this map won't be bannable during the map ban phase of a match. The reason is to make sure that players get the chance to be well-acquainted with the new map, allowing them to learn the ins and outs and have time to come up with new strategies.

Going back to Nighthaven Labs, this high-tech facility was first seen during the Operation Brutal Swarm anime trailer. It served as the setting for the showdown of Grim and Nøkk. The map gives Attackers a lot of exterior room for them to maneuver including the stylishly landscaped main entry and the heavily laden helipad area. There are also certain exterior walls that are breakable to allow access to some bomb sites directly. That means Defenders need to plan ahead on how to keep Attackers at bay.

Inside the facility, there are multiple single-story staircases to let players travel from the basement to the first floor and the first floor to the second floor. However, there are no stairs for a straight shot up through both levels. For those who want maximum mobility, it's important to learn the layout of the facility.

You can learn more about the changes coming to the game here.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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