Rainbow Six Extraction After Effect Now Live

A new event with an exciting new ability.
A new event with an exciting new ability. Ubisoft

The toughest Crisis Event yet has arrived in Rainbow Six Extraction. The After Effect is part of the game’s fourth major post-launch content update. This one revolves around a mysterious new object known as the Nucleus. This new object allows players to destroy enemies with one hit though the corrupting tendrils eventually obscure the carrier’s vision.

After Effect unfolds like a typical incursion and takes place on three sub-zones. The first one has normal objectives and pretty much gives players the chance to warm up for what’s coming. In the second-submap, players are tasked with retrieving the Nucleus and carrying it across heavy waves of Archaeans, which spawn once it’s been taken.

After Effect, however, brings a new threat that players need to deal with. It is the Amber Sprawl, a dangerous mutation of the regular sprawl that harms and slows players down. In addition, it deals more damage the longer players are in contact with it.

Marked for Death

Now let’s go to the Nucleus, which isn’t just a beacon that attracts monsters but also grants the carrier the Death Marker ability. That player can tag an enemy with the Death Marker and those who have been marked are obliterated by whatever damages them next. It doesn’t matter if it’s a melee attack or a single bullet.

Once the marked enemy has been killed, the normal 10–second cooldown timer of the Death Market resets immediately. That means teams need to coordinate with the one holding the Nucleus to make the most of the ability.

The Creeping Tendrils

Considering the power of this ability, it’s safe to say that there’s a catch. The one who carries the Nucleus walks slowly and won’t be able to use attacks or other abilities except the Death Marker. They also have their vision obscured slowly by the tendrils of the Nucleus.

If the carrier drops the Nucleus, the tendrils retreat. However, if they reach 50% exposure level or higher, the vision only returns to what it was like at 50%. When they reach 100%, the field of view is completely obscured.

The One Tech

There’s some good news though. The ones carrying the Nucleus can use one REACT tech introduced in this new incursion; it’s called the Repulsion Harness. This tech can knock back and obliterate any enemies around the user, which makes it really invaluable when the swarms of Archaeans close in. To get this tech, players need to finish a special Event-specific study.

While carrying the Nucleus, players only need to head straight for the second sub-zone’s airlock. Be ready though since there’s tougher resistance from heavier waves of Archaeans in the third sub-zone. In this third sub-zone, players need to use the Death Marker ability and destroy three Arch-Spines. Once they pull this off, they must deposit the Nucleus in its special container to win the match.

What do you think? Excited to try this new incursion?

Rainbow Six Extraction is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and Stadia.

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