Rainbow Six Extraction Nightmare Fog Crisis Event is Live

Question what's real.
Question what's real. Ubisoft

The second Crisis Event for Rainbow Six Extraction is now live. Nightmare Fog is a free limited-time mode that is sure to make players question what is real. The event ends June 2.

In Nightmare Fog, teams need to go into a purple haze to find and destroy the Toxic Tree responsible for the poisonous fog. While in the fog, Operators see their neurotoxin levels go up. The longer they’re exposed to it, the higher the levels go. When the level reaches 30%, Operators start to hallucinate Archaean enemies. The problem is that the real Archaeans are also there trying to wipe out the team.

New Features

Similar to the first Crisis Event, players can unlock the new REACT Tech in this second one. This time, it’s the Rush Pistol, a stim pistol that players can use on themselves or teammates to get a movement speed boost and invulnerability for 15 seconds.

Players can also look forward to the Prestige level system. This new system has players earn extra XP with maxed-out level 10 Operators to rank up 10 new Prestige progression levels. Along the way, they can unlock unique cosmetic rewards.

Watch Those Neurotoxin Levels

By now, it should be obvious that the key to completing this Crisis event is to manage the neurotoxin levels. Three objectives in three subzones are covered in fog and players need to maintain neurotoxin levels to make it through each subzone.

As mentioned, when the level reaches 30%, players are going to see and hear fake enemies rushing them. When it hits 65%, they’ll now experience a mix of tunnel vision, motion blur, and distorted vision. At 100%, players won’t immediately die, but they’ll see deteriorating screen edges with HP slowly draining.

To lower neurotoxin levels, look for the safe rooms on the map. These areas are clear of fog and have Neurostim refill stations. One Neurostim removes 35% of the neurotoxin level.

The Twist

In Nightmare Fog, some objectives that players can encounter have a twist. In the first subzone, players need to complete any of these objectives: Specimen, Nest Tracking, Triangulation, Hunt, or Shutdown. The second objective is a variation of the Decontamination. In this one, the aberrant nests have spread out over a larger area than usual. Completing this objective results in the Toxic Tree losing half of its health. This should give players an advantage for the third subzone objective: destroy the Toxic Tree.

Destroy the Tree

To destroy the Toxic Tree, teams need to shoot anchor points and their arch cells to drain the tree of its energy. Teams should watch out on all sides for waves of Archaeans. Once the anchor points are destroyed, teams can go after the core of the tree to eliminate it. Once the tree is eliminated, the nightmare fog disperses.

What do you think? Brave enough to face the fog?

Rainbow Six Extraction is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and Stadia.

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