Rainbow Six Extraction: Darkness Marks the Start of the Eclipse Crisis Event

Face a new threat.
Face a new threat. Ubisoft

There’s trouble in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The arrival of the darkness means the start of the latest Rainbow Six Extraction Crisis Event. In Eclipse, players are introduced to a new Archaean threat that needs stealth tactics to be taken down. Those who can do it get the chance to unlock new cosmetic gear and even a new REACT tech item; this event ends September 1.

During the Eclipse incursion, the main goal is to hunt down the Elusive Neoplasm. This is the Archaean that remains in place unless it detects danger. So once you find it, you need to use stealth to approach it and then hit it with a takedown. The problem is that if it catches you moving in its detection pulse, it escapes to the next subzone. The same is true when nearby enemies are alerted.

To kill this Archaean, you must hit it with three takedowns. Ideally, that should be one hit per subzone. If it manages to escape, you’ll need to make up for the missed takedowns through the final subzone.

Making things more difficult is the fact that you also need to bring back generator power in the first two subzones. That means you’ll eventually need to deal with hordes of Archaeans.

New REACT Tech

Those who can successfully take down the Elusive Neoplasm get the chance to unlock the new REACT Tech called Aura Grenade. This rather unique item can lure Archaeans. It can be activated in two different ways: to remotely detonate it or have it self-detonate after a set amount of time.

New Operator

Players can also try out the new Operator Echo. He may have unconventional tactics, but he can respond to threats immediately and effectively. His technical skill in robotics is a great help along with his specialized UAV fleet.

New Studies and Reward

Four Crises can be completed by playing this event; finish them to unlock exclusive cosmetics and gear. For the Aura Grenade to be unlocked, you need to finish another Crisis study by playing any game mode. There’s also a Meta Study given as a reward for those who can achieve all of the Crisis studies during the event.

Learn more about the Eclipse Crisis Event here.

Rainbow Six Extraction is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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