PUBG Update 7.3 Introduces C4 And New Vehicle Explosion Mechanic, Live On Test Server Tomorrow

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting another massive update tomorrow. It will release for the Test Server first, and is expected to go live for the main build on June 17. The update will bring many new changes, including a new Vehicle Damage mechanic and new throwable C4.

C4 in PUBG will be a powerful utility. Once you throw the C4, it will explode after 16 seconds. The timer cannot be canceled or activated prematurely. It will also have an audible beep that will become louder and more frequent the closer the clock is to zero. Your device will stick to the majority of surfaces, but won’t stick to players (that would have been cool). The kill radius is 15 meters, but it will do damage up to 25 meters away, even if you are behind cover.

Highlights of the patch are mentioned below. You can read the complete patch notes on the official site.

PUBG Update 7.3 Patch Notes


Season 7 Vehicle Balance

Explosion Mechanic Changes

  • Vehicles no longer explode instantly upon reaching 0 HP. Instead, engines are now disabled and set on fire, causing the vehicle to explode after five seconds
  • Vehicles can still explode instantly if taking large radial damage, like from Red Zones, C4 etc.
  • Exploding vehicles now receive both linear and angular velocity, instead of only linear (vehicle movement after exploding should look a bit less static now)
  • Additionally, vehicles will no longer receive increased collision damage when they’re rolled over

Vehicle Damage Changes

  • Most vehicles now have multiple damage zones which apply different damage multipliers
    • Applies to the following vehicles: Buggy, Dacia, UAZ, Mirado, Pickup, Rony and Zima
      • All other vehicles receive damage as before, equally regardless of area hit
  • Damage zones:
    • Engine – 100% Damage
      • Engine area, usually located at the front
    • Body – 75% Damage
      • Front and rear doors, rear and bottom sides of body
    • Roof – 50% Damage
      • Roof panel, roof pillars, seats, mirrors
  • Boat Armor Upgrade
    • Boats are now granted five static damage reduction

New Throwable: C4

  • C4 will start beeping and automatically detonate 16 seconds after being thrown
    • Detonation cannot be stopped or activated early
    • There is a warning LED on the C4 and audible beeping with increasing intensity, clearly audible inside the damage radius which warns you of the upcoming explosion
  • C4 sticks to most surfaces, including vehicles
    • It doesn’t stick to players
  • Effective damage radius is 25 metres, with a lethal damage radius of 15 meters
    • Damage extends vertically, but with slightly less range (lethal radius of 12.5 meters vertically)
    • The shockwave emitted from the explosion is so powerful it damages all enemies within its radius, even if they’re behind cover
  • Due to the weight of the C4 you can’t throw it far and you can’t carry many
  • Found as world loot and in Care Packages on Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok
    • C4 will be added to Training Mode at a later date

Spike Trap

  • Spike Trap length increased by 50%

Vikendi Loot Balance

  • Increased DMR spawns slightly
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